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South Portland, right parts right now, 5 23 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three is brought you by Yankee Custom truck. Where we gonna go, Mike, why don't we start at the South here, Ben, we've got issues with the expressway and more South Bend is just crawling out of the tunnel. Most of the way to route 24. It breaks up a little here and there but not much. Mhm 93 is bad route 28 in the Braintree and then the expressway backs up before granted. Have all passed Neponset Circle and just to crawl up towards the tunnel to Route three South now to stop and go coming off the expressway, and now from route 18 down and to hang him, I knew it. It's a crash down after Derby Street 1 28 southbound is bumper to bumper Highland ev all the way down on to 93 North. Into Canton and the 95 South backs up after mechanic straight down past 4 95. Let's see how we're doing downtown. Now we check in with the Needham Bank Road report like Let's begin with the ride trying to get out of the airport. It's not fun. The Ted Williams Tunnel westbound is jammed back into the airport as you try to get over the South Boston One Htun crawling from the airport all the way up toward Boardman Street. The Sumner Tunnel is actually okay, so that's at least something their store drive East your jam back toward the Kenmore exit. The lever connector is Jim. Both sides and the lower deck of 93 is backed out toward Assembly Square. Kristen AC and the needed bank wrote a report now west of the city. The mass pike Stra slow going from Newton Corner out to the state police barracks to 90 west over two miles out towards downtown Worcester. Up to the North. 93 is just inching along from the second bridge up through Medford, and you're back in it shortly after Route. 1 25 my king WBC's traffic on the three time to check the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast that his branch was by basement technologies. Brian Thompson is with us, and we still got a ways to go here. Dodging raindrops. Yeah, I think we're going to have.

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