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Can't wait thank you Sir yeah yeah it's gonna be a lot of fun no doubt about it nine eight hundred nine four one Shawn toll free telephone number quick break right back we will continue WFLA news brought to you by earth's best natural pest management news traffic and weather Tampa bay's news radio WFLA good afternoon I feel it's being our top story at five thirty north port police arrested a student I want the middle school for allegedly making a threat against the school police say they begin their best occasion when the thread started circulating online once identified they found where the boy who lived in confronted him going to police the boy admitted sending a threatening tax but it was meant as a joke sending a threat of mass violence targeting a school either by text email or social media is a secondary felony following a change in the law prompted by the park on school shooting mothers against drunk driving is holding its annual candlelight vigil for victims and survivors of do you I crashes tonight in temple terrace regional director Larry Kaghan says a vigil here is the oldest in the nation it started when Matt arrived in the Tampa Bay area in nineteen eighty four right digital celebrates for thirty five years that we have an existence here in the Tampa Bay area Matt nationally celebrate fortieth birthday next year the middle takes place in mission hills church on fifty six street at seven PM a group opposing the construction and extension of three new toll roads in Florida is getting organized and taking their fight to Tallahassee today the no rose to ruling coalition wants lawmakers to reverse course on the law that we extend the turnpike.

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