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Dot com Stitch Fix Your Style delivered. It is 4 48 traffic and weather on the eighth, and we're going to talk about traffic first with Dave Tilden Traffic's moving fairly well around the Beltway and for the most part near the metro area in Wieden, there's crash on Georgia Avenue of Blue Ridge Avenue, blocking the left lane. And elsewhere. The Labor Day volume delays Yes. There about the magnitude you'd expect. Home bound traffic, certainly worse than last year, but not as bad as I guess the weather is great for travel on the Eastern shore and a bridge. The westbound volume delays remain on route 50 between four and four and the Chesapeake Bay. All incidents remain minor. All three lanes are made open on the westbound span of the bridge. I 70 East found I to 70 southbound. Numerous sections are congested near the Hagerstown, Myersville and Frederick exits All volume in Virginia 95 southbound flow through Stafford, but the latest crash near 17 cleared lanes reopened until the next one happened. Mhm 95 Look ahead for volume delays beyond Thornburg, Heaviest in Fredericksburg. Gradually better beyond Stafford exits 1 36 and 1 40. The EZ Pass lanes are open doors down. If you don't wanna put up that a lot of drivers, don't they go instead? For 31? It is backed up near Dahlgren, but only about a mile of slow traffic leading up to the atomic and the nice Middleton Bridge. Let Proofpoint Cara soft and all of their reseller partners support your agency's year and I t needs with Carassavas federally focused 24 7 assistance. Learn more at count on carry soft dot com A delta nine w T o P Traffic Matt Ritter. That sky has been so blue for much of the day. Just gorgeous. Yeah, absolutely. We're gonna have a gorgeous sunset this evening. There is a weak culture going through. But that only has some fair weather clouds associated with it. And as the front sinks to our south and to our East overnight Tonight the clouds will go away with it will be stuck with is with a mostly clear sky.

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