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Imagine if you play The Courtland Sutton like off if you didn't have Brett Rypien throw them. I know I know what's your background man? How did you start doing YouTube? I'm so curious about that. Yeah, so I kind of always knew I wanted to work in sports, but I was really going the sports business route throughout College. I went to University of Saint Thomas. I'll I'll read the took off Emoji here next to me us where that where the team. I don't know if you remember the article that the D3 team that got kicked out of their own conference for winning too much. That's right. Okay, that was fun. So I was down there. I was in charge of the the sports Business Club. I did internships for local baseball teams will still with the Timberwolves on the business side, and I was like honestly dead. Not digging this like if I'm going to sell sell something or do marketing. I'd rather make a bunch more money and have better hours and do it somewhere else. Yeah, but I didn't want to give up on doing sports at home. So I just went completely out of the sports business realm and I applied for PFF online got that job. And then I started my YouTube channel is like a little Pet Project cuz I had like I said the the Madden roster and that that roster was a great source for me to start YouTube because it was a a way to mark my channel cuz it has a little description on there. It's going to be like Yep. This is my ratings. If you want me to talk about them go to YouTube is that simple and then I just really enjoy doing that and thought it was almost exclusively mad and stuff and then the draft season rolled around cuz I started that in the fall and the draft season rolled around I started talking some mock drafts and stuff and those started doing job. And I was like, wow, this is actually kind of working. So I I really doubled down the next fall. I took a job doing valet. So I had money for rent and I was just like I'm going to really dead girl pedal-to-the-metal on YouTube and PFF and that was one of the most busy years. Well now pretty damn busy too. But that was just crazy how much time I put into office in film and making sure that I was as intelligent as I could be because if you don't really know what you're talking about, you're not going to stand out and that's just slowly grown and out of had a lot of help from whether it's subscribers or friends and family and just kind of stayed with it. And here we are kudos to you man. The way the initial growth. When you're first starting off is so hard because you're usually doing something else like I was in College full-time. I had a full-time second job. I also had a part-time job doing college football games and trying to make content on the site sucks. What it's like to do give all this other stuff going on what you're trying to do this thing. Like this is what I really want to do is make content and you can't yet and it was so frustrating. But when once you finally get over the hump, you're like, I'm afraid it's so amazing. Yeah, I always tell people the first the first hundred subscribers are easily the hardest. Yeah. Oh absolutely and then you gotta keep going after that. Right? It's just it's cool man. I'm happy for you. I really like you..

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