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As an i which isn't quite powerful enough so they raise of like converts to a focus but not quite quickly enough so that focus actually foams behind the retina so we need to move that focus a little bit further forward by adding a slightly more converging lens in front of the eye to bring that focus forward onto the retina now on the other hand shortsightedness is where the is slightly to powerful for its length so light coming into the i is refracted or converged and the is a bit to fish int doing that so the raise lie a converged a little bit too much and they come to a focus in front of the retina and then the light race carry on and by the time they reached the retina the image is blurred again so shortsighted people need dive edging lenses in order to push the point of clarice focused backwards onto the retina whether you glasses contact so even had laser eye surgery the aim of the game is the same it's to adjust the way that light benz in the i in order for it to fall spot on onto the retina there are other tests involved in an eye exam through assessing my vision with a series of lenses kes check if i had a stigma tick or rugbyballshaped is that kind 'cause visual impairment other tests included checking if my eyes will working together well as a path and if the muscles around the eyes would doing that job well enough to allow me to move my eyes in all directions but it's not just how well we can see this coveted i test trysts also look into the i self the certain specific structures that we want to pay particular attention to the first thing that we look for when we look into the back of the it's called the optic nerve head where all the nerve fibers from across the retina gather up the plughole to the brine up the optic nerve.

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