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By the way, people on social media saying now it's time for the Lakers to trade LeBron James. Well, here's Jim Jackson, the former NBA great from last Monday show on why the Lakers can't trade LeBron. So everything is on the table, I think from the Lakers perspective. Except for LeBron being trading. Well, you can't trade him because he signed his extension and you can train him to August anyway. Okay. So he's not, you know, he doesn't have any opt outs in his deal and there's a couple of years anyway. So you can trade him after August. Okay. Right now, you can't do anything. Just to let facts get in the way, those pesky stats. Or what is fact, you're like, oh, come on. That's no fun. Yeah. It sounded just like the barbershop. Kick two is this. We could trade him to Miami or he can't trade him. Oh, that's so fun. No, we can't do a story on that. We'll try and Kyrie end up in Miami. Question mark. Question mark. And another thing I mentioned, there was this story that we were talking about for the last couple of weeks. I was talking about if you had quarterbacks who could be available or let's say each year, year to year, you just kind of put yourself out there for the highest bidder. And I mentioned, you know, what happened with Caleb Williams, leaving Oklahoma, and he was putting himself out there almost like on eBay saying, who wants me? Well, NIL, USC, come on down. And I mentioned the name Drake may. At North Carolina. It was based on no reports, no information, no nothing. I just put it out there of here's this red shirt freshman. And from one of my sources, teams will tank for him. That's what I think I told you what 5 weeks ago. He's got two more years there. And I know his brother went to North Carolina, but I just put it out there. What would he be worth on the open market? And a couple of people, I guess, reporters have reached out to fritzi to say does Dan have any information on this? And I said, no, it was just, I was using him as an example of if he decided, and this is going to happen at some point. You're going to have a quarterback who has an unbelievable freshman year. And maybe set a smaller college, maybe not a power 5, and he's going to put himself out there. And then he might go one year at another place. And then maybe open himself up to the highest bidder after that. If they're throwing around $8 million for a quarterback, and then it's going to get to ten or 12, it's going to happen. And I have somebody who has been great. He's a proven commodity. What would he be worth? And I mentioned, let's say Ohio State, you lose CJ stroum, and you wanted to bring him in, which you spend $10 million on name image and likeness. That's all it was based on, but people thought that I was had information on that or speculating. It was not, but thank you for giving me credit that I would have information like that. Yes. And like you said, it's been happening Caleb Williams. The pit Panthers receiver Jordan Addison last year. You basically went open market last year, basically announced it. Yes.

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