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Every student has reliable and equitable access to food throughout the pandemic. And long after 4 33 traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the freeze Boy David It has been a busy Friday afternoon. So far, it certainly has been been, especially on the mass. Pike now delays West on the pipe to a four car crash in the left lane after for 95 begin about a mile after Route nine. It's a long, 47 minutes to get from Route 1 48 to the Westborough Service Plaza. Because of that, 1 28 North slope from Route 38 tow Walnut Street, South bound is on the brakes from Salem Street to Route 38 be on the pike. The South bound side of 1 28 is seeing Ah lot of company through Needham and North down delays through Needham as well to find out about the expressway. We check in with the mob for insurance copter. That's definitely quitting time here on Friday Expressway Cell phone? Yeah, get busy before Mass after going on a road and breathing room, But not for long. You're on the middle again. Granted that way for a report on the crash of the bridge re split. You're looking at about 22 minutes. Right? Boston, Raintree, and then you have no right nor thrown on the first way as well. You chained up stunning and Adam Street in Quincy. They don't ride all the way up through the O'Neill. They're screwing them over. Insurance. Cover 24 South is Jim for Route 104 to a crash. Bayrou, 1 40 David struck Feli. No W B Z traffic on the three bodies. Guys this evening temperatures made sixties a breezy day. Tomorrow there'll be some stunning clouds. It could be a shower too, mostly the coast of the afternoon Temperatures 73 near the harbor.

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