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Well then i we have an ep carbs our bodies start to dip everyone's body start to different three o'clock in the end you need like a muffin need something it's gonna make that's gonna make you drop more no you need protein fat and fiber in one thing okay so you're eating too much white sugar basically we yeah so that's really good it's got cinnamon and hot pepper it's like a mexican hot chocolate kinda he loves so you're launching on qvc i am friday at two o'clock and friday at seven eastern time so it's talking to bobby about this earlier and i love your idea when you don't get into that okay i'm gonna make a lot money when someone when you have a gadget or something to sell they put you in front of a camera they say okay ready go end in the lights come on they point at you and then you have people watching you have to sell it yep you're live like you are live you can't tell beer back i have to go to the bathroom and you everything you say has to be directed at getting people involved bought in and they they wanna go online or calling immediately to buy product i love when they call ends at least when people call in here you know you don't understand and stare at them like on tv you look at them you know so it's it's quite interesting and they call them from all over the country it's i'm dying to go and qvc now here's our ideal i wanna do a game show where what daniel you'll be our contestant okay you'll come on and you won't know what product you're going to sell on qvc bobby's with me on this we're going to produce and on markets that go the lights come up your live all right daniels contestant and i opened a box and hand you a thing.

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