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A new roof. Easy. 10 22, now a group that advocates for restaurants in Maryland. Is pushing officials in Montgomery County to allow indoor dining to resume now that other jurisdictions air loosening restrictions. Marshall, Western with the restaurant Association of Maryland, says restaurants are part of the solution. Not the problem. Because restaurants continue to offer a safe and regulated space for people to gather, and without a place to go, such as restaurants. People continue to have parties and gather in their own homes, which we know with certainty is the number one cause of covert. Spread as far as addressing some of the reasoning to keep indoor dining shut down just to be safe, or with new covert 19 variants out there that spread quicker. He sounds like reasons that come from people that are still receiving a paycheck. Can Duffy Wtlv news? We learned this morning. Another variant of the Corona virus has popped up in the U. S. It was detected in a person who had recently traveled to Brazil and then returned home to Minnesota. Health officials say the variant is highly transmissible and has spread quickly. In one Brazilian city. Scientists say all viruses mutate and there are countless covert variants in circulation. Right now, this one out of Brazil is one of three that's been publicly identified. The first variant was detected in Great Britain, the second In South Africa. Well, you might be letting out a big sigh of relief if you've gotten your corona virus vaccines, But make sure when you do you're wearing a mask. Congratulations. You're protected. But others in your home or community might not be and we don't know if this scenario could play out. You get infected. You don't know it. You don't get sick. You're doing fine. But you're shedding enough fire is that you may be a threat to other people. Doctor Anthony of Algae, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases says You also can't let your guard down. Want your whole family gets vaccinated. So keep washing hands wearing masks and social distancing When you go out, he says, 1 17 85% of the population gets their shots in the nation to herd immunity. Then you could talk about a relax a shin of some of the public health. Restrictions like Morello. W T O P News. If you'd like to see the full interview with Dr Fauci, you could go to w t o p com SEARCH virus. Let's see what's coming up in money News. Mixed markets start Wall Street's Day Be like Detroit style pizza. Jeff label That's next 10 24 at Maximus. We make complicated government.

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