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Has been taken out of the economic sphere and brought into every other sphere. And what marxists do is they divide people. It is to my mind. Fundamentally anti-biblical another words as bible brings love and forgiveness and it cancelled culture critical race theory. All of these things are dividing. Is that what you're getting at when you talk about masks. No masks are are. We even dealing with it with that issue yet. Every single issue. It's a collision of two worldviews. So the the christian worldview is that there is a god he has lost. Everyone is judged by them. You need forgiveness of sin. We need to love and serve one another the counterfeit of that and so i would put the category spiritual warfare over and all the everything god creates satan counterfeits so what critical theory seeks to do it seeks to make heaven without god seeks to replace fathers and families with government and it creates warfare. It creates collision between those who hold to traditional theory versus those who would hold the critical theory and traditional theory is really how do you build some. How do you build a culture. in economy. A family marriage a society. What happens in critical its deconstruction. It's breaking so you critique gender you critique marriage you critique sexuality you critique private property ownership you critique right to privacy when it comes to medical issues regarding vaccine what these are these are just demolition crews and you know as well as i do building something is really hard tearing it down breaking. It is very very easy and so what you get every day. Everybody wakes up and it's sort of the rage of the day. Who or what are we attacking breaking and tearing down

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