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L jealousy. Cincinnati Federal Agents Warner possibly more violence with the 5 30 report. I'm Sean Gallagher breaking now have to be deadly storm into the U. S. Capitol this past Wednesday, the FBI warning law enforcement agencies across the country a possible armed protests. It all 50 state Capitol buildings beginning Saturday, also the group that has threatened to travel to Washington and staging uprising at the U. S. Capitol. If Congress moves to impeach President Trump, the memo says protest could run through the inauguration of president he like Joe Biden on the 20th beginning on Saturday, Kentucky's governor said today they will not be intimidated by those armed protesters. Governor Bashir saying state police and other law enforcement are prepared to protect Kentucky's capital if those individuals are listening. First shame on you. My goodness. You're not a patriot, your thug in a terrorist But we will not allow what happened at the U. S Capitol to happen here. Bashir condemn last weekend's rally that saw armed protesters at the Kentucky capital. He also said someone vandalized the mailbox at the home of state health Commissioner Dr Steven Stack. I'm Paul Miles and will spray painting Cove It is for covert is PCR fraud on Dr Stacks, Mailbox PCR being the standard Corona virus test. Talking reporting over 2000 new cases of covert today and 21 New desk in the wake of the deadly siege to the capital, acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf is resigning. CBS reports that peak and you will take on the role of acting secretary now the latest traffic and weather together. From the UC Health Traffic Center. The U. C. Health Weight loss Center offers solutions for life changing weight loss visit you see health dot com slash weight loss to take the next step. There is an accident, blocking the right lane of eastbound to 70 five's ramp to Dixie Highway on accident rather, a broken down on South 70 ones, Ramp to Martin Luther King Drive. And an accident has Witton Road down to one lane, each direction between Dutch colony and West North Bend Road. That is where a earlier accident took.

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