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Their, residents that, was because, of, the passage of. Proposition sixty four which legalized recreational marijuana in California It came time for what I voted against it. There wasn't any factors away suddenly there's competition, coming from. Large scale growers the price It seemed like for the last four years or five years every year the price of. A pound of weed would go down by, about one hundred dollars in the year before last, drop to and then from last summer to this summer it went from like fourteen hundred to six fifty but none. Of the expenses had really go down what happened between summer two thousand seventeen and twenty eighteen is full legalisation took. Effect last summer summer. Before legalization were in years pasta Heine kept the number of plants to safe limit I wanted to expand so I put in a whole new garden and. Spent a whole bunch. Money in basically spent the. Bulk of the money I had saved and, banking on The price wouldn't fall as bad as it did but because of fell so bad With that new, garden I just I kind of broke even when I spoke to Jonah in. June he told, me he was thinking to get out of the. Cannabis business completely and of course growers weren't the, only ones seeing a big change Position those growers in that at least eighty. Percent of my, income is directly derived has been directly derived from A. Legal defense, for marijuana cases over. The past twenty years okay so my income is down eighty percent right now you, know welcome to the club Chris Conrad is a. Cannabis author who got paid as an expert witness at. Trials and here's really, happy to be losing that work a couple of the most. Important things in this initiative proxy four was it. It release people from prison and is clearing up their, records and the other thing is that it protects parents. The children can't be taken away from medical marijuana patients which is something I've had to fight within court do so I think those two things just for the social Justice. Issue that was enough to make me support the initiative even if it. Had done any of the great things. It did still he's sympathetic to what's happening to small farmers like Jona and I would say that what's happened there is a result. Of the local governments got not implemented prop sixty four. The way the voters intended it to the new law let's local governments. Set the conditions for issuing cannabis licenses the price of selling pounds of marijuana has gone down for the Farmers but it has remained. More. Or less the same for people buying it economics. Marijuana are, extremely over valued by. Bio thousand percent from what it what it should have been paid worth localities have, done in the state of done is instead of. Making it so much less expensive than allowing people to. Get into the market, and so forth they've made it more expensive to try to. Keep children away from marijuana and they've tasked with. The money that used to go the goers and now, it's being collected by the labs by the packagers by. The distributors by the state by the city every us is taking that money so that's why the price hasn't gone down it should have dropped the line but did people. Treatment is a cash cow whether you got the traditional market or these. Got the cities and counties in the. State today people think if it's like a cash cow and it's not it's just a plant the natural shift from the traditional market. To the regulated market hit a lot of people in. A way that was deliberately painful deliberately I mean the local governments I wanted to screw people and. Instead of giving them what they needed which. Was the opportunity to come above, board they said we're gonna shut you down, for Joanna that has meant he can't go legal even if he wanted in cinema county the, board of supervisors voted that any new cannabis cultivation permit applicants must operate on parcels, at least ten acres in size that's bigger than what Jona has so now Jonah has a different plan.

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