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I wish your perfect skin. Like for the rest of my life. Is that really asking so much? No. Okay. So I think that you could achieve that through hard work and buy Oakland Rodiles. Tired, I just I'm gonna cheeky it now? Okay. I covered it up. But I was make makeup say and like it's going away the pendulum like I'm kind of going to miss it, 'cause it's like a strategic area, we're kind of look like Linda Evangelista and have a little mole. You know, there are some pimples that aren't the worst. It's an accent. It's just like here. No, yet it's like on my cheek like people literally lady Gaga like draws with eyeliner, like a mole there, and, like my little scabs like turning into the chic, like you should just pick it and give it a Scott. I keep picking it. Yeah. That's it keeps coming back to so fucked up. I know now Eddie do that. You won't have happiness like skin forever. No. I won't I really need to stop picking the scab but like it's just a nervous, tic. Now. My wish for you. Isn't that this life becomes all that? She wanted to setting rascal Flatts. Shame big and your worry. Stay small fucking pertinent to the situation. Honestly, I'm a big proponent of never having to carry more than you could hold true. Early. I carried that I can hold on my way, this went along route there, again in where you get into some loves you. And I want to say things to yet is, is. It's just going to be kind of all stop cream next actually the next time you see me, we'll be in, like two weeks because we're doing podcasts only and I'll be changed woman it for you. It's just the annual. They're happy. Know that I am that where that gives me like my energy to go on for another year. You know, I know I'm going to have to go to another show. Like, maybe I feel like they might be playing Atlantic City. Okay. Why don't you look up there tornadoes? And maybe we could coincided with the Luke Colmes show because I'm coming up that each needs to be scratched. I agree Brasco plots Atlantic City. I just like honestly, any excuse to Atlantic City, I've never been what he was used to go for. I was twenty one and then we haven't done this getting me. I swear do you wanna go? Yeah. Let's plan a trip yet. It's definitely some big towns, rascal, flats God, what a twenty eighteen wiping show me, not, I don't know, awesome, looking at these new photos of John Doe, rebranded. And they're fragging premium look at that. Is that what you would think Jumba juice looks like now, isn't it? No. But that's what I think John would. Right. It so millennial. It's true. Rebrand holmdale, New Jersey Nashville. Oh, they're playing. They headlines this last night. Yeah. Finally, getting the respect they were deserve the country music. They need industry doesn't Chevrolet on them gonna own. I know that's what I'm saying. He's going to keep going every year, I was thinking about that, like Zac Brown band, rascal flats are like the biggest artists, but like they don't get any attention from like dot com. That's for sure, I think it's because they don't release new music as frequently as other artists to not like on the. They're like Connick. Yeah. Yeah. They're legend status. Okay. I'm not talking about the legend. I'm not seeing Atlantic City. What I am seeing is Camden, New Jersey. How far is that? I'd be like it's far. I mean, we went to Trenton so yeah, he's organized a party bus for Sunday yet. Probably for just meeting you by that party buses are fucking expensive..

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