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I welcome everybody. I want to welcome. Thank you all so far Not only your contributions but Jimmer say the owner of the Indianapolis Colts donated twenty five thousand dollars to our cause which I'm glad Peter. Schrager is wearing the quick Nelson Jersey areas. Look so you know we think we'd fake Jimmer say and obviously we thank all of you for contributing to fight some very very important artists support some very very important cope in nineteen causes in the United States. So we're going to start right away. I was GonNa Start by asking Peter and Chris US some questions but since everybody is on in everybody is hungry. It's hard to us. We're going to start right now K. So why don't we go first to cliff gross cliff grocer you there and If Don is I'm sorry. Mad is glowing to get you up and ask your question. I am thank you very much. I WanNa appreciate you guys doing this. I'm big fan of all you guys. Thank you again A big Jet Fan unfortunately obviously We need an offensive ACCO. Can you guys the top four tackles and your opinions of each second part? Do you think the jets may have to move up to maybe nine or ten yet? One of the top full war and whether it be worth it Chris Simms go ahead thanks. Thanks clip okay. All right good question. I'm with you. I think in my mock draft up and a half the jets take an offensive tackle to all right so you know. If I had a Wrangham I would go. Jack Willis from Alabama MCI back. Then would be my second one from Louisville Thomas Andrew Thomas from Georgia would be number three and then I would probably go Tristan worth from Iowa as number four. Now the interesting thing I would say to just in that conversation is the worst. He scares me a little attack. I won't lie. Needs a little slow footage to where? I'm not so sure. If you need to tackle I would take him if he was the only one left on the board and the MCI Becton you know. Red Flag. The drug tested the combine might allow him to slip into your grass. There at number eleven. Which could be very interesting. That happens I expect the jets to take it Peter Schrager. It's actually interesting so I did. The preseason games for the jets last year. I had a chance firsthand to see. Just how bad that offensive line was. And I knew in August it was gonna be a long season for whoever is at quarterback. Here's how I look at those four though becton coming out of the combine. I think everyone has a number one and now they're stories coming out. You saw the combine test stuff but also boomer bust pretend potential here three hundred and seventy pounds and always fast the nimble but like. This is Joe. Douglas I pick as general manager the C. Want boom or bust or to see what he knows is going to be a guy who can play for ten years. So I look at a guy like Andrew. Thomas who Chris mentioned and a lot of people are saying he's the cleanest of all these prospects. So here's all odor at I. Also judge Rick Wills One. I've got Andrew Thomas as to. I've got Tristan works as three and I've got becton as my fourth. I could see becton falling in this draft. Just because of all the question marks. What are you getting your getting Trent Brown or are you getting some guy who? You're not even sure it's going to be on the field in two years time Okay let's go to the next question we now have. Koby Meyer from Chicago Kobe. Come on you gotTA steelers question. Yeah so I'll I appreciate of the content. You guys do. It really keeps me Mayes Zoom online school. Because I'm senior in high school but my question is do you think the steelers could take. Jalen hurts while grooming him as a quarterback just put him in like an offensive weapon at sometimes like with the same stewart tasting now because it kind of lacks some offense firepower last year especially like at running back with connor her. Okay so I'll take that one first of all Jalen hurts. Would be the perfect quarterback for the steelers to draft in my opinion not only because he would be a good relief pitcher rothlisburger this year but it gives the steelers an opportunity to look at him and say is he the future. Everybody saw this past year. That when Rothlisberger got hurt they got a little bit of magic from Doc. Hodges but they need an answer at quarterback. If I were them either he'd be a great pick for them in the second round it. Jalen hurts is going to get drafted in the second round. I think probably no later than fifty five by Baltimore. That's my gut feeling and it's because so many teams view him as tastes. Inhale and maybe a little bit more. Thank you okay. You're welcome Bob Marino. You are next Bob Marino. Erie comes hi there. How are you okay? Bob? Thanks for joining us. What do you got okay? I've got a hall of fame question and Peter. I'm thinking this one's for you. Yup I grew up in Pittsburgh having lived there for years but I'm always a fan Grew up in the days of Andy Russell before that actually but question for you is from from a hall of fame perspective. Has He gotten any consideration? He's his stats. Are very similar to Jack Ham and Jack and Lambert from a Pro. Buddy spent most of his career with a very bad team. Yeah I think I'll tell you what I think Bob and thanks for the question. Thanks for joining us. Andy Russell's to me. You're absolutely right Andy Russell head. He played Maybe five years later and he played in the heart of the steelers dynasty years. I think he'd be getting very strong consideration for the hall of fame but to me. He suffers the fate. As Tommy Notice suffers a lot of times when you're a very good player on a mediocre team. You don't get the consideration for the hall of fame. It's one of the unfortunate things that plus the fact Andy. Russell I'd WanNa say suffers but I think generally the people might peers hall of fame committee. I think like if I were looking at it I think the next guy if the steelers ever get any more in people will how will if they do from that era if they get another one in the next one I believe is probably Elsie Green and so I mean. It's just one of those things that I think probably. Unfortunately that had Andy Russell is probably GONNA go. Down is being in the hall very good. I appreciate your question. Andy Warren. Come on board Andy Warrant going on guys again. Thanks so much for doing. This is obviously an amazing. 'cause eagles question probably don't need to refresh anybody about the need at wide receiver. So if you're Halley Roseman at twenty one and assuming those top four which obviously Judy Rugs Jefferson. Lamb are all gone. Who Do you think? Is Somebody outside of that initial tear? That has a chance to come out of this draft being just as good if not better that they could target either twenty one or in the train down scenario Chris Simms. Go ahead okay. There's a lot I mean. There really is the good thing. Is the receiver. You don't want or don't value as far as that first round. Pick at pick number twenty one if he's not their man. There's still a lot of good to be had down the line whether that's even in the second round or trading up a little bit in the second round to get to a spot to where you feel comfortable but here's throw out. There you know Brandon Brandon from Arizona. State I think he's very much on the fringe of that end of the first round. Top of the second round. Peter I had one of the Great Calls Today on on wide receivers drap with Michael Pittman junior from USC. I think he's in that conversation. Along with t higgins and Denzel from Baylor. I think any of those guys really. I wouldn't be shocked at any. Any of them went somewhere between twenty five and forty five really but those are robbing the next names on the list. And don't get me wrong. There's some other ones after that. There is still pretty damn good too but those are probably the next one for me on the list. You don't my gut feeling on this one and I've got a little bit of knowledge on this is that I don't see the eagles trading for receiver and I don't think it would be that painful for them if they took. Murray the linebacker from Oklahoma. Here to wait 'til fifty three. We'll see Let's go to John K next John. Ura thanks Peter. I really appreciate you guys doing this. And with all the stress going on you know these times. It's just great to talk sports for once for an hour and and I know there's a limited amount and I will but I'm one of the few What do you think their greatest need going into the draft is do you think it's a linebacker replace? Littleton. Do you think it's Oh line running back now that they got rid of their running back when you guys think. Peter Schrager is an absolute expert on the rams. Peter go ahead. I know that all right so do talk with McVeigh quite a bit and I know that they wanNA fill a lot of nature. They were excited about that. Brandin cooks trade because they really valued the second round pick so now you have two second round picks I would think they would probably look to build up that offensive line a little bit at one of those picks and I wouldn't rule out a running back at look. This is a weird running backdraft. Where there isn't that Saquon Barkley Slam Dunk? Everyone likes the Andrea Swift. But I know teams that like Clyde Edwards layer at lsu just as much as the Andrea Swift. I know one team that has its eyes on. Jk Dobbins out of Ohio State. I think at the second round selections and I don't have an offhand where the rams are selecting I wouldn't be shocked if they paired one of those types of guys with Daryl Henderson if the running backs are falling and not being drafted it's it's one of those positions where it almost feels like. It's a luxury position now in the draft but for the rams that's how their offense runs they need running back. I think you can look running back with at least one of the second round picks Crawford King. You're all guys. How are you great So I'm a really big giant And then being number four they have You know a lot of things they could do and I would love to take Isaiah Simmons but I feel like they're going to go with offensive tackle If they did go with Isaiah Simmons who would be left that their second round pick at offensive tackle switch Chris. Why don't you take now? Okay I think Josh Jones might be a guy. The kid from Houston is in that conversation. Okay as far as guys that are left over from that first round conversation type. Tackle all right Another name the jumps out to me that I think is up there in. This is a Austin Jackson from USC. All right he's another guy. I don't expect them to go in the first round. He donated bone marrow last year to his his sister. Okay but he's got all the physical traits ability in size to.

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