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Dude new was hoping that his offer would spark deigned twist of the magazine's readers and maybe even get some game lovers to play with it but even he wasn't prepared for the avalanche of comments and letters debt king flowing in from all over the world making the column one of the most popular ones in history of scientific american in another column published you're lear dude me opened with a falling state quote when the column about core war appeared less may be did not occur to me how serious topic i was raising my descriptions of machine language programmes moving about in memory in trying to destroy each other struck arisen in court according to many readers whose stories i shall tell they are abundant examples of worms viruses and other software creatures living in every conceivable computing environment some of the possibilities are so horrifying that i hesitate to set them down at all and one reader told him of a virus created in 1974 by young programmer named john walker walker created a game for the unit that computer called animo which was a digital version of the game twenty questions the user would think of an animal and the computer would guess what it was during the game the software would create copies of itself inside other uses folders animal was a huge success and infiltrated almost all university computers throughout the world in a time let's not forget when software was normally sent by mail on magnetic fields.

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