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Definitely was a winner in these summitry scoreboard. Sweepstakes says The vlad stir president biden sat down in geneva yesterday. Russia firmly in the lead as biden. Just kind of bumbled through it and really just got snitty six. Oh seven out thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten k. f. k. a. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail the auto collision a specialist studios. Now we do know however that you know president by gentlemen and he did present the dictator big president vladimir putin with some lovely gifts to include a pair of. well i would say replica. Don't know if they were the real deal. Probably were but presented. President vladimir putin with a pair of joe biden's signature aviator sunglasses and a glass buffalo. Don't know the significance of that now. What he gotten return. Well let's just say. It was a good day for russia not so much for the united states but now we understand exactly why president biden review refused to have that joint news conference with russian president vladimir putin following that first summit yesterday it was even though his handlers. Very carefully orchestrate Not only the reporters who are who are allowed to ask the questions but it goes almost right down to the questions that they're allowed to ask so you had Putin free ning preening for fifty five minutes taking questions from everyone but the national enquirer. I mean he was actually casting around the international journalists journalists pool saying. Hey let's take a cable news channel. Let's take a radio question. Oh there's somebody let's take a question for you. Fifty five minutes. He took center stage. He had no fear. But even though president biden's press corps was very carefully managed. Now he went off on a reporter. Steve doocy news your ad again. No no it was. Cnn's caitlyn collins. I it's as she was asking a question. He was actually walking away all right. He took just a handful of questions and president biden away. And meanwhile you've just got you know burton just basking in the media glory. But he was actually at the end of the press conference he had turned to walk away. And so you had. Cnn's caitlyn collins at the end of his brief in comparison to the putin taken center stage for fifty five minutes. Asking president biden. Why he was confident. That russian president putin would change his behavior. Now biden was walking away to set the stage. Here he was walking away after saying yes. He's he was committed to freeing americans imprisoned in russia. But the question is is the vlad stor committed to. Freeing americans imprisoned in russia remains the system remains to be seen a but he world around and snapped at this reporter saying i'm not confidential changes behavior. What in the hell what do you do all the time. Undaunted cnn's caitlyn. The collins tried to continue her line of questioning. Biden stuck up a finger and said when did i say i was confident. Excuse let's get this straight. I said what will change. Their behavior is if the rest of the world reacts to them and diminishes their standing in the world. Oh boy. I'm not confident of anything. Well there's a great message to put out there. I'm just stating of fact. And if you don't understand that you're in the wrong business. And then he world around and walked away now that said he did apologize for his tone with collins afterward saying on the tarmac before boarding air force. One that he shouldn't have been such a wise guide but doesn't that add to the entire mix as we understand. Now why the last thing. The president and biden wanted was a joint conference a joint. Non conference With the president of putin. Now you gotta remember that. This was not their first rodeo. President biden has met as a vice president with president putin in the past. But let's just say when it comes to gamesmanship putin certainly has it down setting the stage because you have to remember. It was just a day before the sit down in geneva that russia's navy conducted military exercises on a scale not seen since the cold war. Just off the hawaiian coast. You talk about in your face and that provocation. It costs putin absolutely nothing. Summit ended with biden calling the meetings tone positive and putin declaring there has been no hostility. Yes biden claimed that he took putin's task for the attempted murder of a critic. Alexey navalny in the imprisonment of those two americans. If he dies in prison said biden. I made it clear to him referring to vladimir putin that the consequences of that will be devastating for russia away but he didn't detail any consequences whatsoever. Hey i wonder if he told them what he said he was going to tell him when he wanted to tell them if he had the opportunity to tell them putin went. Whoa i've been told he also chided putin for letting hackers disrupt from russian soil soil yet biden said no. He didn't make any threats. Here's the best part. He then handed putin a list to do list. Sixteen critical infrastructure elements escorting to a piece out of the post. New york post editorial board sixteen critical infrastructure elements that should be off limits to cyber attacks. And i'm sure that blonde mir putting putin took that information to heart await. He's says russia had nothing to do with the cyber attacks russia's interference in other countries elections including our own well biden also told putin well it diminishes russia's standing those are fighting words. But do you really think that. Russia is so fragile. Such snowflake nation that it's going to change.

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