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Free 30 Day audible plus trial when you sign up it audible dot com David Straka Lino WBZ traffic on the three and now the weather. Here's Dean DeVore. It's gonna get wind ears through the afternoon wears on and the clouds will start to build. In fact, north and west of the city may look a little threatening and the shower could pop through later. The sampling this evening Heinz Story on 65 today. Load of it forties tonight, back up into the mid sixties tomorrow, with son mixing with some clouds Looks like tomorrow's stays dry nicer Thursday and Friday. Less wind milder temperatures within a few degrees of 70 city and inland Thursday and Friday and then upper sixties for the weekend with some shower chances. We'll see those over the weekend increased, especially on Sunday. I'm thank you by the meteorologist Tina board. WBC Boston's news radio. Yeah, more clouds out there this hour. That's anticipated. We're seeing 60 and Bedford and Beverly is well, Boston. Now it's 60. It's been fluctuating and are high. Is 65 degrees. That's in Plymouth. It's 1 55. And this portion of the news is sponsored today by Cambridge Savings Bank, and it's another step forward for the private space industry in the United States. Civilians will go to the international space Station early next year. The agreement with axiom spaces for a 10 Day mission, to be flown by one of its executives, who happens to be a former NASA astronaut and space station commander will be joined by three paying customers on a space X crew dragon will be launched from the Kennedy Space Center as early as January. The price is expected to be about $50 million per seat. National charge axiom for certain services $2000.

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