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So, like all this inventory, and everything looks the same, so it could just be the latte guy pulling the wrong car by accident. So you really want to make sure that you look over that car when you first get there? You look at your purchase contract. We match that vin number. It's incumbent on you. I'm telling you, you you have to be your own advocate on this and it's not, And sometimes it is a mistake. But those mistakes are so hard once they go up to the office and that they fund these deals. They're really hard to undo. And forget about it when it gets the D M V. Oh, yeah, well, that's Z, my friend Joey. Really, Boy. What a nightmare. It was in D. M. V, and it was like, Yeah, the dealership just they threw up their hands and everybody's just going like, Well, I don't know what to say. You're driving around with the wrong registration. Yeah. My advice is really take your time. Sit with the documents do not be rushed, and, you know, just say like I'm one of those people. I'm gonna read those documents and so many people signed them. They don't understand even what they're signing. You know, you've got truth in lending in there. You've got regs e you've got. I mean, there's so many things in there and you've got a really just make sure you're reading them and asking the questions. So if people are going to read all the fine print they go. They got a plan on staying there overnight. Mm. And bring a legion of attorney with, um, bring breakfast. No. I mean, you have to just sit down and really make sure you're driving the car. I know it sounds so basic, but the ER dress If your dress is wrong, and you don't get that statement it, Xena Cole I had you know, I don't want a spirit whether I had a client who leased the car. They never mailed to the payment book. And she kept calling up and they never sent to the book, and they repossess the car because she didn't make the payments that happened. My client. That's what I'm talking about happened. My client. They thought their car was towed. Know it was. There was a picture because you know, everything's you know, I'm Cameron out off the car on the flatbed going to the pound like it was not good, but that's not even you could get your car out. The point is you damaged your credit at that point, and they don't care. So, Nicole, Check out the Facebook page. Auto lab radio Facebook page. Steve Brecker has a question for you. Oh, is he here? Steve called me. I'm here for you. He asked the question on the Facebook page on a live radio. Well, What's the question? Steve? If you're listening What he wants to reach Nicole with the leasing question. I'm here. Frank Steve can call in at 88869272348886927234. Everybody can call us with any kind of questions from the coal or anybody else here. You can also reach us at orderly of radio with gmail dot com or a new 24 7 Hotline is 51648832 to 5. You can leave us a message there any time and we will get back to you. The call. That was a very enlightening presentation. I hope I hope everybody out there was paying attention. I hate paperwork. I know everybody does. But you have to take the time. I have a question for Steve Records. So and for Ian in Can I am I on there to respond to him? I could write to him. Yeah. I mean, you can. You can come and go on to the Facebook pages. Just comment. All right, Nicole Nicole, you can get back to Steve. And right now we'll hear what Frank is calling about his called buying experience, Frank. Good morning. Morning. I think we had a little technical difficulty there. I hope Frank will call back right away. Mm hmm. What's that phone number again? Mike. The phone number here is 88869272348886927 tooth and the other number And the 24 hour number is 51648832 to 5. Frank is very quickly dialed back to 8886927234. Frank. I apologize for our technical difficulties. Good morning, Everyone. Yeah, I Nicole is absolutely right. You got to be careful of any paperwork that you sign it purchased the 2000 and two Chevy in Pala. Um Back in 2000 and one and at that time GM was offering Zero down and 0% financing for 16 months, So that's what I was going to do. But when I sat down to sign the paperwork They had put down a purse on interest. Interest rate it just wait a minute. This is supposed to be 0%. We'll change it later. Just sign the paper. Yeah, right. You think I'm that done anyway? The manager wasn't really happy and Even try to talk me into purchasing things for a fully loaded in power. They wanted to. Oh, you want kill a sentry? A says the call comes with Teela century. You need this. You need that. It's just It's already in the car. I don't have to purchase that. They even got that low that they wanted to give me a wax job. So anyway, um People out there. Be careful via beware, uh and check the paperwork. That's basically it, Frank. That's very good advice. Thanks for calling. And for all our listeners. Call us with your car buying horror stories. Anybody out there who's had a bad experience or a good experience buying a car. Call us and let us know Kate 886927234. I'd like to hear your stories. David what were saying? Well, I was going to say, you know, a good car buying experience can happen. And I've I mean, I know that it sounds like a commercial, but I've sent a lot of people to Nicole, and she kind of takes You know, when you have that kind of experience, you know, it takes a lot of the drama out of it and actually saves you all kinds of money. Because you know, if you if you don't have the time to deal with the minutia of something like this, um and I have customers just like like, I don't I got too much going on in my life. I just need somebody to take care of me through this process. So that I don't get, you know, hosed on dive sent So many people in the colon. They just go like Oh, my God. What? What a breath of fresh air is just like I got my car was like no drama. It was like every time I used to buy my cars, it was always like I turn around and go. What happened? What just happened to me? But Nicole, you just have done. You've taken that that drama out that negative drama. And so people have like these amazing positive car buying experiences where they just like, Wow, I got exactly what I wanted. I can afford it. It's just what it just was perfect and the car was delivered to my door. Oh, my gosh, you know, And it was a positive experience doesn't all have to be helpful. Yeah. I mean, you haven't advocate that's amazing. It's funny when I when I talkto you know, some of my buddies were like, Oh, I know how to buy a car. Let me do it for you. Whatever. And I'm like. They always talk about how they beat the dealer. Oh, yeah. Guy at his own game. Those are the guys that get ripped off more than anybody is the ones that are gonna go in. I know how to do this. You know, I'm gonna tell him. I'll walk out or I'll do this. All right. I speak their language, You know? Yeah, It's amazing. It's amazing that people will think They dam that they can get over. You know the best. I think the best you can hope for is a fair deal. And what you can do with that You have an advocate. You know, maybe you can get a little bit of an edge, but at least you're not gonna get ripped off, you know? There's a much too. There's too much inside baseball in the dealership for you to possibly know how to navigate that. Just 200% 100%. It's like it's like trying to beat the house in Vegas. Yeah, doesn't work that way..

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