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It's a form of stirrup. When i had attached to that piece of tile a turn to god and said lord god give aid to my good. 'cause you know that it is good you'll see that i am aiding myself senna. Let myself go gently by decrees supporting myself. Resume use of my arms until i touched the ground. There was no moonshine but the light of a fair open heaven when i stood up on my feet on solid earth. I looked up at davos which i had descended with such spirit and when gladly away thinking i was free but this was not the case for the castilla onset side of the fortress had built to lofty walls. The space between which used for stable and hen yard supplies was barred with sick iron bolts. Outside eva's terribly disgusted defines there was no exit from the strap but while i based up and down debating what to do. I stumbled on a long pole which was covered up with straw. Not as great trouble. I succeeded in placing against civil and then formed up it by force of my arms. And do i reach the top but since of all ended in this sharp ridge a had not strength enough to rexha paul up after me accordingly and made my mind up to use a portion of the second roll of linen which had their the as was left hanging from sakib of the costal so a cut a piece off died. It is a bowl and clambering. Downs of all endurance stole and fatigue. I was quite exhausted and had moreover plates inside of my hands which bled freely this compelled to rest a while and i based my hands in my own line when they thought that my strengths was recovered advanced quickly towards lost rampart which faces toward protti. There i put my bundle of linen lines down upon the ground meaning to foshan mound abetment and the senate lesser as i had the greater high but no sooner had i placed to linen said i became aware behind. Me of a sentinel was going rounds. Seen my designs interrupted and my life in petrol at assault the face the guard this fellow when he noticed my bold thrown and that was marching on him was weapon in hand quicken and gave me a wide berth. I had left my lines some little way behind. So i with high steps regains them and though i came in sight of another sentence on he seemed as though he didn't choose to take notice of me having found my lines and attached him to battlement. I let myself go on. The descent was there. It was that. I thought i could really come to earth and relaxed my grasp to joan or was there. My hands were so tired. Said they could not keep their hold at any rate. I fell stark my head in falling unless stunned for more than an hour and a half so far as echo judge it was just a pawn daybreak when thresh breeze which blows an hour before the sun revived me yet. I did not immediately recover my senses. For i saw my head had been cut off and fancied that there was in purgatory was time little by little. My faculties returned an i perceived that there was outside the castle and in a flash remembered all my adventures abbas aware of the wound in my head before i knew my leg was broken for. Put my hands up and withdrew them covered with blood then which to spot well and judged an a certain second sustained now injury of consequence air but when i wanted to stand up i discovered that my right leg was broken. Three inches above the. He'll not even says dismayed me..

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