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You more often than not. You can feel good about yourself. Do identity is going to change because sunny. What happens then. Oh i'm the kind of person who can make baby change. I don now for the last five days. That is the approach. I have seen over and over again. Work that people please. If you're struggling take something from that. Put that into your practice. Not next monday right. Maybe putting surprises tomorrow. I love that advice. Put it into practice tomorrow. How about today start small. Yes start today but does taking action with your mental health. Always have to be so literal. Is it possible that there are circumstances. Where the best action you can take is to simply rest. That's the perspective of my next guest coming up right after a few brief words from our sponsors coming back for more. But i russell brought to you today by roka. Look at this point. You've heard me go on and on about their prescription eyewear. you've seen me rockin. The torino shades on instagram. And you've seen me in my clear. Roca glasses on the podcast. And that's because. I honestly love everything about them because not only are they. Stylish and build for everyday stuff like podcasting but they're made by athletes to former stanford summers as a matter of fact for athletes and because of that they're made to move durable super lightweight. And no matter what. I don't care if you're running bad water in one hundred and thirty degree heat. I don't care how much he sweat a lot or how long you get after it. They just never never ever slipped ever. The optics are top-notch they've got tons of options and they have this insane tack like bendable arms and different size knows pads. So you can completely customize the fit to your unique mug so hit their website at roca dot com picker.

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