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Coming. If you ain't got the winner today, I haven't heard from your baby. Just tell me what to do, and I get it. Goddamn partner crib in the middle. That you would it down. Damn it back in the joint right here, Not at it, making everything. It was amazing. Nobody was more crazy, don't you? Everybody? Would You shut your break Everything in me? Nobody know crazy, don't you? Everybody see fun. Crazy E could tell you. If you break down, it's like reading skills Come lazy. Israel killed E. Never last. Make. It will be everything. It was amazing. Crazy, everybody. Your great baby. Yeah. Give me my phone when they find out that originates much when they see I'm doing that. Anybody want to do it? She don't need always a bank robber. You get down tonight, But you must have put it down right down to convict you wanna fight? Yeah. Anybody. You bring little bit everything. It was amazing. Nobody crazy, don't you, Everybody? You were 92 3 New home for hip hop in standing up to racism and racial injustice in the black and brown community. Big Boi's Neighborhood Man Big boy's hearing Countdown for the 2020 Count down the biggest 25 songs of The year. We're now in the top five man. Of course, that was Chris Brown. Young thug Go crazy. That was Chris Brown. Second appearance on this 2020 Countdown of the biggest 25 songs of all time. Let's get into it, Man number four Big one young man. I mean, we we were bumping this literally all year. Future Drake Drake. Future Life is good number four. Working on a weekend like those were wealth in the deep end, like usual. I swear they passed us. They doing too much. I haven't done my taxes. I'm to turn toe. Virgil got a paddock for my risk going nuts. I'll be slipping was okay. So when someone block up, I tell you it was us Manor house and Rose worded. Two plus same day the number.

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