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That's a three twelve from Liz Debby Ryan from at the Netflix series insatiable is here to tell me what do you love most about the place the character Patty on the show we love most acclaimed Patty I mean I think that I she is hard to look like a lot of us serve our kind of when we feel cornered or when we feel and secure we can maybe lash out of people with a lot like we do things that aren't likable ways and we have these gross things and we obviously don't like to lean into them or advertise them because we're not proud of them and it's not our best selves she I think doesn't really have the forethought at this moment or the self awareness to realize that like she's doing things that are super unlikable she just as like all I'm just trying to find myself and I'm just trying to be the most authentic version myself and then she goes on this kind of morality crisis for she realizes the more thank you she is like the more it turns her into potentially not a good person she's always damages you never addressed and it is now kind of manifesting to feeling back the layers which is great but don't you want a character that so damage deep down inside in the house all those layers stacked up that you can explore as an actor I mean it's so it's so fun and it's so important for a cautionary tale right for them to be like I would never go in these places I would never let my my rage in my in security my emptiness govern me into these places now certainly my kind of journey with disordered eating and with self image has brought me is a really dark places and really damaging places to myself and some people around me Patty is one more of a murder journey this is not my particular never but you know like dark places are dark places right and of course like the show affords us that kind of broadness in that camp in this openness affords us to be able to touch on those themes is there a show that you see out there that you watch do you cook kat I so wish I was on that show too or that would've been a fun role I mean telling eve is so great a great fear at such a great series and both of those roles are so special but of course like the on a lot like Joe to come there that is so incredible and season to you actually got to let me play in that world I got to training camp where and do my own sons I have this insane fight sequence and also have this kind of really dark new ones conflicted dish mental thing that is happening in terms of how she decides to take power over her life that is very fun and is very kind of inspector he watched texter and you there's something about this kind of backwards like this Robin Hood dislike justices sense of justice were you're rooting for a person to do with thing that you were more earlier so against as the viewer but in the world you like so when you're done with all of that can you turn it off yeah yeah yeah I realize it out right some air into it well thanks for coming check out insatiable season two now streaming on Netflix and it's Ryan Seacrest productions out of to Lauren and Nina warning you know what you guys see you see forty with Ryan Seacrest this how do you sleep add a little of it coming up next Blair from those Capaldi in a second and a song that was just survive bottom for Billy I wish this thank you the forty have.

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