Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, United States, CBS discussed on Seattle Kitchen


Asia. Correspondent Ben Tracy with Margaret Brennan, host of face the nation and our own correspondent Steven Portnoy in Hanoi, for the takeout now to Israel where the country's attorney general has decided to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for corruption. CBS news correspondent Robert Berger reports from Jerusalem Netanyahu is facing charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust after a long investigation into three corruption scandals. He allegedly made elicit deals for more positive media coverage and accepted lavish gifts from wealthy. Friends Netanyahu claims innocence and says it's a witch hunt. Robert, burgers, CBS news Jerusalem. US peace talks with the Taliban restarting this weekend here. CBS news correspond. Cami mccormick. There may be some progress on a US demand that the Taliban negotiate with a government in Kabul with the formation of a national team of Afghans. More members of the state police force and military in Venezuela are quitting. It comes amid increasing pressure, including from vice President Mike Pence on President Nicolas Maduro to step down and allow aid shipments in vice president Pence turned up the pressure on Venezuela's, Nicolas Maduro announcing new sanctions against members of his inner circle. These men worked to block aid for people in need. And suppress peaceful protests. While they're Tyronn danced in Caracas. Over the weekend. Troops loyal to the embattled president fired tear gas and rubber bullets at Venezuelan citizens trying to reach US aid to those members of Venezuela's armed forces. You will find no safe harbor, no, easy exit. No way out..

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