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Independent thoughts independent life. This is Chad Benson. Debtor nation. Something's going to happen over the next movie is with this country. You can't keep going two hundred billion. And yet, we we let you come in and dump everything right into our markets. And they it's not free trade. If you go to Japan right now and try to sell something forget about it. I'll just forget about it. It's almost impossible Japan. My God, he hates Asians. Wait. What? No, that's Trump that was a long time ago when Oprah would talk to him when he wasn't hated. Talking about trade. So what they were talking about yesterday. Look all the things he's been consistent on trade. He's been pretty consistent entree he's been really consistent on trade and the battle is going on. And it's it's it's a tough situation. Think about this. Who hurts the most from this is a lot of people that are in his base right rural. Farmers rural area who whose business is farming people who work for farms. They're going to hurt the most from this. But this battle is be is going to become a war, especially because Trump's basically said we'll throw tariffs on everything. If you look at the trade imbalance what we purchase compared to what they buy. It's insane. It is it's not even close. So who do you think it hurts more? There's gonna be some people that hurt. Absolutely. This is a farmer's name's Brett Davis talking about giant tariffs. That's a family farm.

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