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Into the crowd of cyclist David Wheat is the group's public information officer truly were best shirt off their back Their umbrellas, 28 year old Texas man has been charged with intoxicated manslaughter. Police are investigating vandalism at the office of 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez to people were reportedly saying throwing bricks into the windows of the office at 47th in Washington last night, All of the windows were destroyed. Vandals reportedly ran away after damaging the windows Halderman Lopez says he believes gave late believes gangs are behind the vandalism. He reported similar vandalism back on July 9th when someone threw bricks through his home windows and setting neighbor's garage on fire. Complaints again. Chicago police officers are on the rise more on that from W. G. M's Roger Batting. More complaints were filed on June 4th and on any day in the past 13 years, according to data gathered by the Chicago Sun Times. Complaints started rising following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May until the end of June. The last day records were available. About 900 complaints filed Roger Batters. W G M News Now with w G N sports Here's Davina. Thank you, Steve. Good morning. After a couple weeks of playing their own teammates, the Cubs and White Sox got to play somebody in another uniform. Last night, they played each other at Wrigley Field, where the Sox beat the Cubs 73 in the first of three exhibitions. Each team will play There were home runs one by the Cubs. Jason Kipnis, one by the Sox Adam Angle socks blew the game open with a six round fifth, including Engels home run and a run scoring doubles from Yasmani Grandal, Edwin Encarnacion, Sione and Luis Robert and none of whom was in Chicago last year. Same two teams play again tonight a guaranteed rate field pre Game 6 35 1st pH, 7 10 here on W. G. N. Meantime, the Sox formerly named Lucas Giolito, their starter for Friday's opener against Minnesota. The Cubs Anthony Rizzo hopes to start for the Cubs Friday against the Brewers. Despite his back troubles, NFL players have gone public mounting a campaign on social media calling for the league to do more to protect their health and safety as they prepared open training camp this week and in soccer. The fire loses to San Jose to zip The MLS is back tournament on the home of the Black Hawks, the northwestern Wildcats and White Sox baseball. David it w G N Sport Your Money on W G on Wall Street kicks off a fresh trading week today after stocks closed mixed on Friday to end a volatile week at the closing bell. The Dow Jones industrials lost 62 points on Friday. The SNP rose nine points. The NASDAQ gained 29 this morning. Little bit of weakness in the markets. Dow futures air off about 22 points. Just a fraction this morning S and P futures air down about four points, also just a fraction NASDAQ futures are up slightly around the globe markets are generally up in Europe, with the numbers so higher in Germany and in France, but lower in Great Britain and in Asia overnight. Most of the stock markets they're higher is well with the Japan Just a fraction, China nearly 3% and Hong Kong off about 31 points. Today, thousands of employees across the country are expected to walk off the job in protest. Of racial inequality. Organizer's call The strike for black lives essential workers, including nursing home employees, janitors, fast food workers and airport workers playing the event to target corporations and government leaders. Actions are expected here in Chicago and other major cities across the country. And I'm Steve Christianity. John Chicago's very own 7 20 W g, N and now a game of commercial chicken brought to you by progressive where we see how long flow could go without talking about insurance. Ready. Go. Hey, um Yes, we should talk about.

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