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From new iphone leaks to breaking down. Facebook's ongoing issues of private. See to just me and Paul ranting each other about the role of the government and check us out on Tuesdays. When I have seen every episode. Subscribe diverse wherever podcast, we'll see them. Eighty. Yeah. That's definitely definitely realistic. Yeah. For that position stuff. I definitely see that. Absolutely. AFC rookie of the year. Oh, man. I defensive rookie of the year. Let's go with that. Yeah. Definitely. I'd say at this point. Being in a running definitely realistic. But. Devin Bush bus unrealistic. I'm talking first year buff. I'm talking I hear I year bust. Yeah. I just don't see it. I I don't see it because I think his his this is is so much even right now before even him an action. He just seems so much more athletic than anybody that they have. I just I just don't see I see him being able to do things in your defense that they quit do less. You're even as a rookie for I'm gonna say, no, that's he's not unrealistic. She triple them all it was one of those guys that it's like the number of people that went to Woodstock, you know, there was only like room for a hundred thousand people or so at Woodstock and a million people claim to have been Woodstock you. Nobody everybody in two thousand three not everybody. But there were a lot of people calling him a bust after his rookie season. I yeah, I I was one of them. But. With that being said a lot of people talk about how bad is rookie year was in. I just saw a guy and I remember saying back, then I just see guy. In that position learning position because dick LeBow and Bill cower did not play a lot of rookies on defense. Mike Tomlin and under under Mike Tomlin rookies have a much better chance of playing then that of the dick lebeau years, and because it was rare to actually basically. My wife is in the old dick lebeau system. You're an apprentice. If you're defender. Yeah, hand. So you basically redshirt it one full year and you're on special teams. And that's about it and you played here. It was so complex if it's a complex ego. But that's that's different in these days. So I don't I don't think he would be a bust first year bust or first year disappointment. But. My question here though to wrap this up is. Or the expectations were putting on Devin Bush. Are they realistic? And are they fair?.

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