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When we check in with that Baxter over the last two days. Boeing has lost eleven percent and the market cap of the company has lost about twenty seven billion dollars weakness in Boeing led the Dow lower by four tenths of one percent flipside, though, we had the S and P five hundred higher by three tenths. Nasdaq composite picking up nearly one half of one percent right now the early going in Sydney looks essentially flat for the ASX two hundred and we've got. The yen trading. One eleven thirty to bid a weakness here for futures on the Nikkei Chicago contract has us down about two hundred and fifty points when the cash market comes online in about an hour from now rish absent, and of course, one of the other things that you'd be taking and people taking no Tove is what is going on in the conversation. Or should I say this these talks between Beijing and Washington DC, President Trump's top trading goes, you thing that the US needs to keep the threat of raising levies on Chinese goods, we have to have real progress, and we have to maintain the right to be able to whatever happens to the current cast. Raise tariffs in situations where there's violations of the agreement and that's the core. If we don't do that. And none of it makes me different US. Trade Representative Robert lighthizer OSA telling the Senate finance committee, the Nikon to make predictions, but says the two sides making progress the white has this week is dial back expectations of a summit and a trade deal. Between the US and China, how can the situation with wild way influence, these trade talks. That's the million dollar question. We got some more developments on the Chinese telecom. Equipment giant t mobile CEO saying that his company doesn't use while way equipment and won't do. So in the future, the company also said, it's not gonna use products from China's Z T E either. Now these remarks came as DC lawmakers took a look at T Mobile's. Planned purchase of sprint. Meantime, the chair of the house intelligence committee. This is Adam Schiff of California says he has profound concern about hallway more on that from Bloomberg's Denise Pellegrini shift told reporters at a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor that wa represents a special threat, especially if it becomes integral an integrated into the US five G network are that of its allies, the California Democrat also saying he's been concerned about for more than a decade and his biggest story he says as possible security breaches because he says way is not an position. To say, no to China's government when it requests information. Even if there's no probable cause. And he says US allies should be concerned as well. Denise pellegrini. Bloomberg daybreak Asia. Hong Kong has stepped in again to defend the territory's foreign exchange peg, let's get details from Bloomberg's Yvonne man. The Hong Kong Monetary authority bought the local dollar again after the exchange rate fell to the week end of its trading band against the dollar this time about five hundred million US dollars worth last week bought more than three times that when it stepped in to defend the currency for the first time since August and moves are relatively unusual. When it did last year. It was the first time since two thousand five in Hong Kong, I'm Yvonne man, Bloomberg daybreak Asia to former bankers at Goldman Sachs have been banned from the financial industry for their role in the one end db scandal. We have more on that from Bloomberg's Ramy Inocencio. The Federal Reserve says Tim Leisler, and Roger are getting that punishment after coordinating bond offerings that allow funds to be stolen from the Malaysian fund. Some of the money was then according to Thorndike's used to bribe officials in Malaysia. Abu Dhabi Leister has also been fined one point four two million dollars. He's already pled guilty. His former deputy Roger own maybe extradited to the US from Malaysia after facing proceedings in courts there rainy in Bloomberg daybreak Asia. The UK has covens is willingly voted to reject. The brexit. Brought to by Prime Minister Theresa may at backsides news in the Bloomberg nine sixty San Francisco newsroom, I believe you said that she was being quote dismayed. I did fess up to it. Thanks for pointing it out again. This leaves the options back on the table. Literally all first PMA's reaction voice of bit wars for the where. The decision that this has taken tonight and opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn going on the attack. The prime minister's run down the clock on the caucus rain run out on her. Maybe it's time. Instead, we had a.

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