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Of the weekend, and then for everybody else. You know, it's one of those things where if you go outside, you'll want to slow things down. Advisory lasts till 4 P.M. tomorrow for Denver, Fort Collins and Greeley. Today's air quality will be so bad it will be like smoking two cigarettes. Much of that is from the Cameron Peak. Fire crews have been able to slow the growth of that fire thanks to last week's snow, but it's still just 8% contained approved variances and a Colorado High School Activity Association board voted state school districts ready to kick off a few false sports, including football. Chess of board member Ryan West, said earlier on Colorado's morning news. They're adjusting as they go. We have school that haven't been in been able to even open their doors. Yet. We have school that haven't been able to have to give them. In school for more than a week without having the quarantines them So it's not just about the sport. Yeah, This has been tough. This this some logistical things that nobody's ever had sex will decide whether approve sports will compete this fall. Some districts may decide to just push those sports seasons to the spring. The Pac 12 is moving closer to starting the season, possibly as soon as November. Mountain West, also exploring the idea of an eight games football season. CSU sent a news release, saying the program is increasing the activity level for for all sports programs effective this week In Washington, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is insisting that Democrats are willing to compromise on a new stimulus package, she told reporters. I've the current virus outbreak is ongoing and it must be addressed. Meanwhile, airline CEOs came to the White House this morning to move forward on a covert relief package. We need to have a code relief package that includes that, so we're just here to plead with everyone involved to get to a covert early, that's American Airlines chief Doug Parker told reporters. Putting airline workers out of their jobs simply isn't fair. Netflix has released the trailer for the Chris Watch documentary Guys. My name is Xu Nana. I just want you to know a little bit of my story. I went through one of the darkest times of my life. But then I met Chris and he's the best thing that has ever happened to me. Chris wants admitted to killing his pregnant wife, Shannon, and their two daughters in 2018. He initially denied involvement not was serving three consecutive life sentences. American MURDER The family next door premieres on Netflix. September 30th Rocky's need to make a run to get into the wild card there. Two games back with 12 to play. They host the Dodgers Tonight. Our coverage starts at six. Our next news updates at 10 30. I'm Chuck Clark on KO News, Radio, 8:50, A.m..

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