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A big game for South Carolina. And the reason it's a big game for South Carolina is the rest of the schedule Alabama comes to Columbia on the fourteenth. Gotta go to Georgia. Gotta play Florida at Tennessee at Texas, AM eclipse, are you kidding me at Texas AM Clemson at home in the last couple of games? Matt couple of things you gotta do. Okay. Number one, you've got to figure out a way to run the football better. You didn't run the football well at all last year. And what that did is that put an extraordinary amount of pressure on Jake Bentley. South Carolina uptempo Bentley through fourteen interceptions last year. That that's not gonna cut it. They've got they've got to get better. It's gotta start with running the ball and doing a better job protecting the football defensively. They gotta get more pressure on the quarterback. So there's a lot of things against that schedule if it's hard for me to see South Carolina went winning more than seven or eight games with that schedule. Unless there's some, you know, some guys fooling. Yeah. We. Belly didn't play consistent all year last year so we can get him. I think if he plays like he did against think we'll have a pretty good shot in mostly passes for five hundred yards against every team. You got a real shot at it. Matthew, so yeah. Anything else Matthew? But that's all I really wanted us what you thought about this in the season. Okay. I appreciate that. Thanks for calling. Let's go to Mike in Bristol mug. You in Bristol, Tennessee. Bristol, Tennessee been been been Nebraska, Connecticut Bristol Bristol. But you're in Bristol, Tennessee, if I'm a follow Tennessee,.

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