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Great football team. They're playing very, very well. Right now. We know what type of game that's gonna be, You know their divisional opponents. We play him twice this year, but I'd say they're a different team right now, and we're a different team right now. And so it's gonna be a heck of a game. I know that you're a Hall of Famer and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, turning his focus doubt a Tampa Bay in the next round of the NFL playoffs. Good morning from our WB AP Sports Test Time Steve Lamb 42 years old. Reason. The field next Sunday against quarterback that's older than he is Bucks QB Tom Brady. He's 43 looking to finally get a win against the Saints. They lost both meetings this season, facing one another twice in the NFC South. The winner of this game will advance to the NFC Championship. Play the Green Bay or the L. A. Rams. I didn't expect the Browns to go into Pittsburgh last night and upset the Steelers, but they did. Taking advantage of five turnovers and winning big 48 to 37. Now Cleveland quarterback Baker Mayfield will try and lead his team against Kansas City, The top seed in the A F. C next Sunday, the Chiefs, the defending Super Bowl champs. Where their quarterback is. Patrick Mahomes may feel in the homes were at one time teammates at Texas Tech and one more game for Steve Starkey Zeon at Alabama, where he's the offensive coordinator right now, before he moves to Austin. To take over as the court of the Texas Longhorn starters, the one guy that has shown great maturity, I think and how he handled his situation, you know, moving on to be a head coach, which is what he's worked for, and we're happy for him relative to the opportunity that has created for himself by the great job that he's done for us here. Obama's coach, Nick Saban, He doesn't thanks Archies and has been distracted getting ready for this game tonight. The national championship game. Against Ohio State down in Miami before he takes over at the University of Texas that to check on sports. I'm Steve Land..

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