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That glitters is not gold is a familiar aphorism meaning that why you see or what you think you see may not be quite what you get not everything is as good as it might appear to be at first glance in fact, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is early expressions. The idea make their appearance in the English language by the Twelfth Century and may have been drawn from ace ops. Fables? Geoffrey chaucer Alexander Pope John Dryden all variously adapted the phrase to their purposes. Baz did later such divergent voices as J R, R Tolkien, and led Zeppelin. There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold and she's buying a stairway to heaven. But of course, it was William. Shakespeare. Who gave us the most familiar version the saying in his fifteen, ninety six, play the merchant of Venice though most modern editions of the play render the line, all that glitters is not gold. Shakespeare actually. wrote it as all that glisters is not cold oft. You have heard it told that many a man, his life half solved but my outside to behold gilded tombs do worms in fold. The glitter's version long ago superseded the original glisters and is now almost universally used glitter and glitter Kim be synonyms but. They're not entirely interchangeable. Each conveys individual nuances and intonations. The words are also etymologically distinct glitters passed into English from the old norse Glee Tra and the Saxon gleed meaning sparkling shining, twinkling and glinting. glisters on the other hand comes from the low German, gleese, Trinh and the Middle Dutch gleese Dowran up meaning gleaming, glistening scintillating and Shimmering Stand glitters but do glisters. This distinction is evident in the King James Translation where. Glittering is used to describe the lustrous glory of the stones of Solomon's Temple in I chronicles twenty nine and the transcendent luminescence of Christ at the transfiguration glittering or twinkling hardly suits the gravitas of either of these evocative scenes but cholesterol. It's all together apt. Word choices matter often even the tiniest distinctions in our word choices matter. The fact is all that glitters does not glisters. I'm George. Grant. while. It takes a lot of people to put this program together each week as you well know our thanks to these hardworking people, Meghan Basham Joel Bells Myrna Brown Kent Covington Kristen Flavin George Grant Kim Henderson Anna Johannesen Lee Jones Vivian Jones Jill Nelson Onis Ao he carry Sarah Weinsberg less Cillers, cal Thomas, and emily with Johnny Franklin and Carl Pete say up late. To get the program to you early, Paul Butler is executive producer marginal. Lasky is editor in chief, and of course, you you make this program possible with your support thank you. The Apostle Peter tells us that the grass withers and the flower false that the word of the Lord remains forever. May you have a restful weekend and worship with your brothers and sisters in.

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