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Rodney Scott's barbecue post office pies and hundreds more. Learn how you can show your support at discovered dotcom, My king for W. B. C's traffic on the three. We've had some showers around. We've got some clouds and peaks of sun. We've seen a shower. Just a short time ago has been passing through the Newburyport Salisbury area so we could get in on some wet weather as we had, especially into the evening where there could be a drenching shower or thunderstorm in afew inland spots. Mainly cloudy after that, and human overnight tonight with temperatures in the low seventy's tomorrow, very warm human son at times, but some strong thunderstorms could pop up across the region afternoon and evening with some gusty winds and downpours. Temperatures tomorrow in the mid to upper eighties sun and clouds on Friday, still a bit sticky temperatures near 80 a little less human come Saturday. With plenty of sun in the high in the low to mid eighties. Right now it is 75 degrees in Boston. There's a new ad that teases a sit down conversation between Joe Biden and former president Barack Obama. The two recently got together in Mass for a socially distance discussion of covert 19 pandemic. What the country needs to do to move forward and President Trump. He just can't can't relate in anyone. Well One of the things that I have always known about your Joe. It's the reason why I wanted to be my vice president and the reason why you were so effective and it all starts with being able to related part of the conversation also involve disbelief and Trump's handling of the pandemic, its first time in the former vice presidents presidential campaign that images of the two men appearing together have been released. The talk will be streamed in full on Thursday. Michael Kastner, NBC News radio Woman for Trump Event, Finding a new venue for an event in Maine after a brewery said that they tried to pull a fast one Stars and Stripes brewing Company in Freeport will be closed all day. Today, they said it was all over an event they thought would politicize there Brewery without their permission. President Trump's daughter in law Lara Trump and former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi are in northern New England this week holding women for Trump events. They played one at Stars and Stripes. However, the brewery said They never gave it their blessing. As a result, they're closing all day today and they spoke about it on Facebook. The Trump camp says they're now holding the event at a different venue. Jim.

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