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The folks love Victoria Wood's. So I really want to talk about, I'm St.. I've been working in Kelly with refugees recently, and I'm really excited to say our listeners, if you want one of our listeners. Thank you so much. Firstly, you love to leave the house. You're brilliant coming out and you're brilliant helping and working and help refugees have said to us that we did a cost there. I just went out there one day with a record. I just did an episode of my own with twenty-five volunteers around the table and we talked to them, but we talked about the nightclubs. They go to out there and the fun that they have. And also some of the the funny stories, one of them said one of the volunteers that I'm a feminist Bont my lowest moment in Kelly was when a refugee said to me, do you dress like that? Insularity with us. It was so lovely this episode because I think just made it really, really accessible because they said, well, I I don't know. know. I'm not trained. I didn't know haven't volunteer before I was teaching, came out holiday still thought I'll do it for two weeks. And then I ended up staying and taking sabbatical other people saying community here for months, and then I'm going back to my real life to do something else. But I'm going to come out on weekends now because I'm really enjoying it and it made it so acceptable that help refugees stuttered messaging me and saying, oh, the morning briefing, third of the new volunteers are here because of the guilty feminist. And then I got one saying half of the volunteers are here because of the feminists. And then recently I got every single person in the morning briefing was here because they heard about it on the feminist. It's not, that's that's you. That's your. The kind of people who listen and they want to do something and it's easy for us all to want to do something. It's hard to do the thing you think of mind, the kind of person. And I think a lot of it is just making it easy for people who want to do the right thing who want to change the world. And I often think if everybody knew one refugee, the refugee crisis would be over because there are millions more people with homes here in Europe. Then there are refugees and you just need everybody to know somebody a one family advocate for that person. Because if you did have a friend who was currently and Kelly and their passport have been taken away and they were stateless and they were sleeping in the mount and the the French military police just come along stolen their hint and smash their phone deliberately which is what's happening if they were there, or if there was a family new with small children, there are so many families, small children out there camping at the moment, and the Sierras come and take everybody's. Leaping bugs, including tiny children's sleeping bags because they want to make it a hostile environment, and Theresa May has paid for a lot of security out there. So we knew a family. If you personally knew what makes of yours, you wouldn't let.

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