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Of the old. Man Astrology Man. That's why I have a standard superman. Note static. On the same way man I like I want my Tyson Roy Jones, do you know have their day in the bring? They know they wanted and You know you can't take that away from the mandate, they they. They're legends in the sport and we're going to get into. A lot of people are getting excited about it, and even though coachman he wants to see him. Be The guy the odd man out say For Mike Tyson going to get hurt, you know damn well. Mike again. Her Mike Mike. Mike, Snow! That's that's what I'm telling you. We do Boorda wars for that fight. Man He hey! Man How can we travel the twelfth of September two unable I don't know man I'll know. We need to make it happen. Because in New Jersey is not lie. Down like Texas. And all those other states we guys because you already did and now you're in a better spot and we 'cause we shut down and we and we corentin. Opened up, we did outdoor opening. Only we never did which I did so we're one of the lowest states. My girl was telling me yesterday so Yeah, man I don't know man even if we don't do a border was I? Promise you man. I think. We need to invite a few people to my crib man. This is a fight party. Tyson versus Roy. Jones is a fight party like a fight. Though don't do that to me might be. Be. Dan. I'm in. The US I'm without to be inquiry teams in days. But that's okay. You GotTa Quarantine over here, I just. Got Quarantine. Giddy Midi, it's called self quarantine enchant. They expect. They expecting you to do that? Oh. Yes, with no one is. GonNa check, you got TA. Members coming to hotel. Anyway, but Yeah I. Do know this. My girlfriend's sister just came back. From Maryland, they went to what is it? What's the beach called over there like Sun City Maryland. I didn't even know they had a beach. I, well, someone will say. I'm sure I'm sure that's the case by out and I'm just saying wonderful. September be too soon for International. Big, ass fight man I wanna I wanNA I wanNA. Do like we did with the aver. We's like be with a bunch of boxing. Fans watching that one that's. That's official. I liked. But Anyway shopping it up. Many trying to get his six fight Buddha wars. Record now Midi. DJ's..

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