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Well, there'll certainly be time to talk Trump. What about covert 19? I'm giving the president great credit, No doubt, but police brutality is no defense for this president. Okay, But if you had to talk about something else, John, what would it be? Cheers for Mike. Pence joined John for the president and more. It's a myth. Saturday, five days 10. Albert Einstein once queried about his theory of relativity, which is pretty remarkable theory. I can't believe that nobody had Really brought up before in the way that he did. They asked him about it and and he said, You think relativity star try compound interest and it is. It's very difficult view on a home. You know all about compound interest, or if you have a mortgage on the home. Cause you pay it, And that's that's why a mortgage sometime is often dwarfed by the interest that you pay on the loan. So it's it's pretty basic math. If you could lower the interest rates you're paying. And you'll save a lot of money. That's what anchor funding. Does. Anchor findings been doing this for 20 years here in California? In fact, all you really need to know is their name anchor funding. You can go to Google or you can tell your phone. Hey, Siri, get me anchor funding and there it is impressive button, and there were on the phone with him. Now what you'll do is you'll call them and you'll say, Look, here's the interest rate and paying. I'd liketo lower that interest rate. Can I do that? And they'll say, Yeah, well, let's talk about that. And what do we want to do here? Because there's all sorts of things, not just getting a lower interest rate. You can maybe shorten the term of your loan. Either way, there's a real good chance that you're going to be able to lower the payment. You're giving the bank each month by the tune of 1234567 $800. I've done it before, and I've saved as much as $700 on my mortgage. I really implore you to check this out. You know, it is difficult. Einstein was right. But Kevin Kevin is such a great guy. Kevin Lines at anchor.

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