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Were able to get him out. Officials say A strong storm moving through the area may have contributed to the building collapsing for the southern California Toyota dealers Traffic center. We make it easy crash on the 405 in Irvine. This one's on the southbound suggest before Irvine Center drive there, blocking the two right lanes. Watch out for a backup here getting away from almost Culver. So it's I'm not calling Culver and make that sand Canyon Instead, we've got Michael Brian K F Eye in the Sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com was shaken in Anaheim Hills. Yeah, tough drive. I'll tell you. A lot of folks are probably heading out of town early for the big weekend. It looks like the 91. He's just passed Weird Canyon. There's a little problem to the right shoulder there, but adding to the misery really start to plate backed by Imperial Highway Up ahead, more slowing as you get into Corona looks like that's going to load up from just leaving Surface club overthrew the 15 pretty choppy into riverside from there. Looks like a little problem with the whole pass 15 South bound at the 1 38 saying, Get a stall to the center divider there, But the whole drive is pretty stalled back to the top of the hill. They're leaving the summit. Looks like the North 15. That's going to be tough one from the ultra guard from the divorce. Why there for the 2 15 hook up up to the 1 38 as well introduce an accident visit Superwoman super lawyer. Com. Mike O'Brien. Hey, F Eye in the sky Commerce on the five North bound Before Atlantica Reckon the left lane send you back from the 605 k F eye in the sky helps catch you there faster. I'm Angel Martinez this hour That John and Ken Show is brought to you by a I s auto insurance specialists Visit AI is insurance dot com Today a teeny bit warmer. We'll talk about that next..

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