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Well mrs how was it love at first sight as far as you are concerned perry powell training uh painted a punch torino to cut the full reputation exactly the happening tippy careful planning you at dealing with a strange men particularly strange american then picked killilea of his fate it's so you were very careful but you're interested though alex perry and chatted and i think apple suara prohibit gone to get through the hague and caused by now the rafferty within agudelo with us we stayed together we work together but uh when the war ended in the had come home i couldn't come back with um the we have twenty lifting house three years of a thai would be able to it passage shown that attack cooking but to the romance we so we never forgot to whatever uh pendant on live and sustain in 1988 my husband and thomas married to die and uh some people would say i wish were in this i don't think i will have to 45 five has been very pension to help the states yes and you got married and joy all that time yozo thought overall odd in wondered what happened and uh then the last fall my knees coming out with a letter on a photograph joy and pieces view on sees tonight said yes and she says well you take it from years and uh i brought him homeless me i kept reading the ladder over and over.

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