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Supporting actor critics choice and Screen Actors Guild award nominations and also having his handprints and footprints immortalized in front of the TCL Chinese theatre last week in recognition of his powerful portrayal. Of Bradley Cooper's character's older brother in Cooper's claim two thousand eighteen version of stars born the great Sam Elliott over the course of our conversation at the offices of the Hollywood reporter, the seventy four year old, and I discussed the roots of his acting ambitions, how the sudden death of his father who had doubted his future and acting impacted his career path why the first film in which he was the central star. Lifeguard was also his last how with only a few notable exceptions like mask. He came to be typecast as the strong silent type often mounted on a horse and or out in the west most famously in the big lebowski what sparked his recent late career renaissance that led to a star is born plus much more. So they'll further ado, let's go to that conversation. Simply so much for coming in. It's great to have you. And we always again with just a few basics on this podcast where were you born and raised and what did your folks do for a living was born raised from Sacramento, California in nineteen forty four. My dad worked for the fish oil f- service. -partment renter government. My mom was a schoolteacher at that time. She was. I guess she was a housewife, and she was a mom, and she was still going to school. She graduated from the university of Texas at El Paso, where they all came from making me the only one that was born in somewhere outside of Texas, which I rounded very live down or the. Constantly reminding me that it was a prune picker, right? Well, so growing up were movies or TV or theater big partyer life. What were the kinds of things that you most responded to it was never really theater? I went to there was a music theater there in Sacramento, which I remember seeing Rumpelstiltskin those quite taken with that in my folks used to go to the state fair every year, they were involved in these horticultural exhibits. Dad had a greenhouse that built and grew these award-winning begonias, and there was a theater there. And I remember going and seeing plays there and some woman came down. I was watching rehearsal. There was a lot of time hanging around the fair, whether setting all this stuff up and remember watching this play and seen been fascinated. It was kind of a dress rehearsal. Think everybody was in full stage makeup in those days. It was heavy. This was the fifth is very heavy. Stay in this gal came down and talk to me and chess being if I was interested in getting involved in the children's theatre, I think she later spoke to my mom about it as well. But I was afraid to do that. So I didn't do that. And at the same period of time. I was going to a place called the sequoia theater, which was the neighborhood theater watching lot of Saturday matinee and that was relief. The thing that captivated now reason for you to particular remember this, but we didn't interview New York maybe four or five years ago tied to I'll see you in my dreams, which is a movie I'll ask you a little bit. And I went back and read the transcript, and I found it interesting. He said that I guess a kind of very important people in your life where Corey Blodget and Ramona Reynolds who were they? Do remember doing the interview with you? I don't remember specifically Corey and remote ahead. Great fortunate that I had a lot of mentors from grade school on but Corey bludgeon and Ramona rentals were my high school choral teacher and my high school drama teacher. They knew at that point in high school that I really was fixated on having a career in business, and they were very instrumental in just keeping me on that road keeping me focused on it and tell him it pursue it. Because at home, you're getting maybe some mixed message..

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