Gil Gordon, Tim Conway, President Trump discussed on Coast to Coast AM


I believe there politicians this is is is making me crazy the by freeway between cow grow and magic mountain parkway going south minimal the freeway is gone you can't drive there they just left it all up this is ridiculous i can't stand it anymore i hate gil gordon you thank you for leading your message please hang up by two six forty relating the talks i remember the station i was on for we took two days is a wedding to go to install in johnny ten were busted my chops even on furrow elite could you since two days off and said yeah well i like the front's load by vacation just in case that anything happens it is smart started job and then immediately try to take two weeks off because you could get fired in three months than you lose all that vacations i still years buy recommendation you young kids out there you get out of college started jobs and then immediately tried to get two to three weeks you say i already had these chips land to say that you just said listen i'm worried about not getting my vacation in and i'm gonna be good employed but i'm exhausted weeks off a roth was going to fall for you'd be smart tim conway junior sixty six sixty four stimulating talk they're asking for a simple thing they're asking for repealing and replacing it with something better and i know that it's a convoluted long huge endeavor but we're talking about what are some supposed to be some of the smartest people in our country who if the senators themselves aren't smart they can ask people who are let's come up with a plan that is better than what we've got now and they simply cannot do that so either the president is being impatient and doesn't understand what's going on or he's pointing to the fact that they have lied to us for so so long about how smart incapable they are gary and shannon we mornings at 1000 kfi am 640 more stimulating talk of southern california weather from kfi cloudy tonight with isolated rain possible partly cloudy tomorrow beaches in the '70s metro la and does he in the low to mid '80s with valleys in the 80s told round ninety inland empire in the law ota midnineties temps up a little gives we get into the weekend sixty a now and honey to be seventy one in irvine sixty four in.

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