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Interstates we're getting a slight bit of slow volume on westbound I four as you go towards the two seventy, five interchange northbound seventy five between Bruce. B downs and, 275 and Pasco got a minor collision but so far not really causing any, troubles not Ferdie alternates getting around. That if you're, going to, be in southern. Hillsborough on forty one though that, is shutdown between Madison Avenue. And Riverview drive for railroad work Steve foster NewsRadio, nine seventy WFL See traffic problems call the injury firm of Abraham in in Utah traffic tip line Hillsboro eight six six five four five ninety five ninety five Back to, a more traditional summertime, weather pattern this afternoon showers and. Thunderstorms drifting inland with the seabreeze otherwise partly. Cloudy and hot the high temperature ninety two but a forty percent, rain chant few showers and, storms shifting back towards. The coast later this evening otherwise partly cloudy overnight low temps in the upper. Seventies slightly better fifty percent rain chance Sunday the high ninety one I'm, Michelle, eight, meteorologist, Oliver, on NewsRadio nine seventy WFL a FOX. News Radio I'm Joe Chiro the massive car fire in northern California continues to grow and is. Forcing more people out of their homes issued a, new round of even more evacuations that's on, top of that sounds, in thousands who've already been ordered to evacuate eighty, thousand acres and it's, only five percent contained Paul, the car fire has, killed at least five people including. Two young children and their great grandmother five. Members, of the Coleman family who drowned in the fitness duck boat, accident in Missouri have been, laid to rest pastor. Thomas hill spoke at the funeral today in Indianapolis comfort today Piece today Walk with them today Lord show forth your love. In a powerful way the funeral was Friday for the four other Komen's who died a..

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