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These people we got in here going to deal with Martin from the Doug Hopkins team. Glad to be here. Wouldn't miss it. For anything though. It's nice to have everybody your Kevin here. Ski from home bridge. Finance got a bunch of people outside in the hallways Brown team in lines from sellers advantage, your partner in crime over there in California. And Chicago came all the way from California. I couldn't miss it. All the way, plus all the people that are waiting to come in. We've got so many things planned for you today. Doug, vice gonna be another edition of this is your life. I can't wait to do this much for forty eight. I can't wait till I hit fifty. What are you gonna do that? We kind of figured we get it knocked out. Now just in. Don't make. Just in case. Would you like another celebrity there's another sliver the online with us right now. Ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Gary, Busey or birthday. You're an octopus juggling change. You can do so much and you ever wore the tip of the hat tip of the hat. Gosh that is silly and Chewbacca because that's what love is is giving the other, but they don't expect crate loving way. Then we'll make them feel love for the rest of their life. And I know you can do it. I know you gotta do it. Akkad birthday, take you everything us. So Gary Busey that cost me one hundred fifty dollars..

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