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At Office Depot dot com on our app and pick it up in store for free and just went out. So you can give back to whatever else on your to do list and hurry and save up to forty percent a furniture. That's up to forty percents off at Office Depot officemax. Offer expires February twenty third twenty nineteen. You wanna take the great shows of biztalkradio wherever you go. Well now you can with the new biztalkradio app for iphone and Android devices. Now, all the great shows biz talk radio are with you wherever you go. Just an arm's reach away on your smartphone. Download today at the app store or the Google play store and get the brand new biz talk radio app. It's biz for you. Wherever you go with the new biz talk radio app. Does your water stain and damage your fixtures? Does it smell or taste bad? Are you worried about what's in your water? Water quality should not be painful and were. Awesome. Hydrocare water systems from Wave Home Solutions with the most advanced purification technologies. Call Wave Home Solutions today at one eight eight eight nine eight nine wave or go to waive water four one one dot com. Hydrocare will eliminate limescale that causes hundreds of dollars in damage to pipes and appliances without using salt. Well water will no longer smell or stain your fixtures. City water will be purified of harmful chlorine, lead, arsenic, and chemicals. Wave Home Solutions provides the cleanest, healthiest water at every faucet. Satisfaction guaranteed. For more information, call one eight eight eight nine eight nine wave one eight eight eight nine eight nine W A V E or go to waive water. Four one one dot com. That's wave water four one one dot com. Phones. Hello. I can't get my computer to work. Let me help you with that. How'd you do that? I just got techy with. Our geeks literally come on sightings, no needs to stop what you're doing. We're block off time. We come to your home office or wherever you are. We don't just fix whatever computer issues, you might be having we explain and teach you along the way, so.

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