Bloomberg, Richard Spencer, President Trump discussed on Mornings on the Mall with Brian Wilson


My started as a middle class kid went to work his way through college and build a business from a single room to global he's positioning himself as a centrist who the leader in anti gun violence in climate change policy for the terrible tragedy of nine eleven three term mayor the video was full of images of Bloomberg with minority groups he pulls poorly among black and Hispanic voters largely due to the legacy of the stop and frisk policing policy in New York Steve casting down on WMAL and WMAL dot com former navy secretary Richard Spencer says he and president trump no longer share the same understanding of what Spencer called quote the key principle of good order and discipline Spencer made that claim in a letter to the president after he was fired amid a dispute over the fate of a seal accused of war crimes in Iraq trump has championed the seals case and overruled the sailors promotion and removal from the elite seal team a businessman in Geneva have purchased Adolf Hitler's top hat and other **** memorabilia to keep them out of the hands of neo **** and he'll donate them to a Jewish group of dollar tree deal of paid six hundred sixty thousand dollars for the items last week at a Munich auction intending to destroy them after reading of Jewish groups objections to the sale instead he donated the items he says I have no direct interest whatsoever I just thought it was the right thing to do checking your money the Dow opens at twenty seven eight seventy six the nasdaq eighty five twenty in sports Michael.

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