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It's it's too old of movie idol the social network was set partially involve young have you seen that that was how i really want to yeah it's i mean it you know it's a it's definitely a solid fun movie them not gutting not evolve no i watched it with my friends but they wanted to see a comedy so yeah so it's a good movie let's see there's i mean there's the ted movies of jeff flake jr total guy films so i don't know loans but the lighter air yep the hilarious i just you know really the first one all my god i left the names that cut but that's about all i'm one of the first one i saw i must have seen it four different times with different sets of friends i just remember just like laughing at them laughing at a teddy bear i thought it was i thought it was in comedies difficult to pull off but again it is not for everyone galaxy says warmer guys movie the second one has tom brady and it's all back and be yes our overrated ted the is box office called according to sabah chat yes are all over the place many filter is i don't think trustworthy suggest address the by the sea followed by ted that's what i did one night sure my mind was like what is wrong with this guy all right which is abused wik again really good performance talk about having an up jack long totally no one's better that noone is quite frankly but are actor than him but yeah he hammed it up by loved it but yeah it's perfect way for him to do the is amazing you know in the actresses and a uruguay randy weaver and susan sarandon our good friend the of visit us here on the radio yeah no of the really really fun movie yeah i loved which is have yet because a lot of fun.

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