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One thing in closing here as we go out today i appreciate you out billy tear being with us the district attorney for walker county and then also carry case i'm so thankful you for with us today and i'm so thankful that you've taken on this talents to help others you know you're father touch so many lives who was such an inspirational man casey case of legendary man the boys or shady always to make will always be sure but with such an inspirational man and like i said he was in life now he is in death because he's got you one thing your dad always close to show out with was always cite a region for the stars and i feel like your doubt with that down right now it's a met carries reaching for the stars right now in helping so many victims things so many voice los victims that's what you're doing carry case i think that's what you're doing i so appreciate that it means the world to me a really does i always want to be like my dad and you know i last two years i've i've had that wow this is something your gabbert it's on wow you were mine me if your dad wind i always wanted to be like my dad so in for watch me thank you when you're when it comes to affecting people as your dead that you're clearly following in his first friends and you so glad of met you unhappy here thank you so much both of year really appreciate it it's been a real pleasure for those of you i'm going to play a clip of heard that the late great casey case so met this was from his final broadcast on the american top twenty i loved his voice i love this program were gonna close out with that carey case in billy jerry thank you for being with us here on yellow him radio going to take a short break we'll be back alive next from the call chaos dot com getting their studios andrea ties got sabres on yellow him radio one song in the us and americans out twenty the third week second chance by schein down i'd like to hear with you something i've learned over the years could force doesn't have been in a vacuum.

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