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Better yuval can kalusha center a gift from most people to combine so reports now say the bicycle chased kirk cousins hard and some believe it's likely that is going to happen and they'll get him in a route cousins will be the starting quarterback to the bike on saying they have a good defense they can protect them he doesn't have to be a world beater does it have to throw for four thousand yards and twenty thirty touchdowns this season more importantly his team unlike the team were just talking about my giant has a ton of caporal fifty million dollars under the cap we get at least five of that for their first their their their draft pick this year so 45 million and capspace this year to only gets a little bit better down the road so yeah i think they're going to be the starting quarterback in a make the most said thought with you so we agree to for to them would say in bounce as well uh i i really think it's a threeteam race cartons don't have the money that's been documented even though they can use m eggs the vikings the broncos were the jets the vikings to me strike me is the most natural fit from their point of view but also from his point of view great they got the money as you just said they're ready to win and they i mean they were t they won bait they want without a men's early you would think on some level he's an offering over case key them we fake sold should be good for he wants to win a couple of gave us get respect and respect comes in the form of getting pay but also playing in meaningful gain greek now the vikings yelp it fits both teams the broncos i gotta tell ya while they'll maker were a real run i think it's a little bit overstated how close they order being a super bowl contender again i agree it had some problems and problems they got some issues with both emmanuel sanders and of war on forget his name thomas amir's thomas can they hold onto both of them if defense is getting a little bit older lost a few guys from the super bowl game at a key to teach award has gone down at tampa keep the lead they.

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