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She will soon be seen as lee film star gloria graham in film stars don't die and liverpool opposite jimmy bell who was on last week's podcast look at that it's all happening it's all happening i she came to london recently and she talked to john nugent so do enjoy this interview and app we're delighted to be joined on the import costs by annette benning how are you hi great thank you great to be here great thank you very much for joining us leisure a so we are hits talk about s film stars dunc'd on liverpool in which you play gloria graham whose real life classic hollywood's film star first of all i just wanted to ask what sort of research should did you i imagine you just had a stack of classics dvds and you just locked yourself away for a couple of weeks and just immerse yourself and the ad hat was great fun and she made some great movies to big heat uh in a lonely place at the bad in the beautiful oklahoma there was this sort of her classics potentially also made some other more bmovies that are really fun as well as little more cheesy some of them but that no watching her and watching her evolved than her her work on film was really at surreal i think in the lonely place is my favorite which she made with nick ray who she had married and that one with humphrey bogart takes place in hollywood it's sort of movie story about movie people and really good and she's terrific in it uh i think a fifth alcott was very good to her uh anyway so yeah that was a joy was juillet to watch her i could style to back and watch them again i haven't avenue in a while at phnom a great fan and in italy place says that that were amazing line from bugojno about i i was born when i kissed overnight yes side one night but she left me that's right and which sort of reflects what's this film is about because it is like this sort of fleeting affair with this unlikely.

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