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Kind of glossed over version of his wisdom is wisdom came from his knowledge of the control of spirits who accord the gene all the genes and this is where the legend of the thousand and one nights come from because king solomon summons spirits he summoned the general the genies and he designed a special bronze vessel and this his described in books of black magic which has supposedly been authored by king solomon which a cold grim loss and the most ancient of these grimwasde books his today you can go and see them they're in the socalled kings library which is a library inside the british library and all of these books on black magic roamed buying the crown isn't that the same library the once erected brazil the demon on its roof because yeah well then the century of possesssion position who isn't ancien babylonian demon supposedly an evil demon to ward off evil i mean that's the cover story for peruzzi diseases the demon this featured in the exorcist movie it's a real demon the exorcist film shows this statue dancer real statue there's many of these statues but the most famous one is in the louvre museum in paris and the queen gave planning commission for a very very large fibreglass statue is usually this evil iraqi demon to be erected in the royal mail on of one of the nashville olding's which he owns and that is on soap of the institute contemporary odds which is a building is a safe zone by the crown going you know yeah you can take from them you know what sir what he won't but essentially london and britain in general is sustained with satanic statues uh we have the shedevil statue in hyde park if people want should have a look on google limoges for that is called the shedevil it's in hyde park also have signed the world's most expensive upon block which is one hyde park corner there is a very strange bronze statue of a naked family with naked children running from the devil playing a flute and he's gordon erection um you know this this just so many of these satanic statues on so while defending telling symbol is a bit is being do we do we or do we not think or do we not a realize that.

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