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So i got a email from a fellow that was in the restaurant business and they manufacture a restaurant equipment and all sorts of stuff for the restaurant industry. And i'm always interested when people actually make things in this country and so the email the the his. It's called texaco on specialty products. So i sent a memo said. Let me be very clear. You said make you actually manufacture restaurant equipment here. Or do you distribute which is okay. I just wanna be wanna be clear. And so i asked him a bunch of questions by his business because there's interesting and he sent back and he said i've copied my wife here because i think she likes you more than she likes me. It always amuses me. Because people will never say i'm the biggest fan of your show. They will women will say their husband is an husbands will say their wife is. Because i think people just don't want to say that they're that biggest fan they will say that that their spouses But i thought about that. Because i was thinking this week we were talking about having a few partners of the show who are sort of Who who can sponsor a segment or who can sponsor something in be tied to that and the goal being to take a small to mid size company and help them get to be really big. And so i thought well. I've been thinking of someone to be our partner and do an on air Restaurant review and so when i go to restaurants which i love to do Do a restaurant review from somebody. That's in the food service business either. They manufacture food service equipment or cisco which is a houston based company that supported me when iran. And i love our benny keith Because i've got a dear friend. Sue straughn over there or i know there's people who provide a Supplies products you. Name it to the Food and beverage industry. That would want to be tied to restaurants. And then i would focus more on doing more restaurant reviews because i think it's fun and i enjoy talking about where i went for restaurant and some of you may not all of you enjoy hearing about new restaurants just like you like hearing about movies and some of you Will go to the restaurant and go places. Expensive michael are why you talked about that. Place to ha- you're not required to go there you it's just how about you hear it and go. Well that's really not for me. move on. that probably wouldn't hurt. Would it paul in beaumont jefferson county. I do a good sir. Hey Alabama and does. Ptsd back off. And i heard you talking with. The governor and morgan put chills on my oars because everything. The ba gave me made me into zombie. At this point. I don't even take aspirin. okay. I don't even take aspirin to this point but that's not all calling i in a way. It is no. But i take your time. I want to hear everything you have to say. I don't care if i want you to go what you think. Okay for me personally i i was. I was a real agitated. Get real mad type person for for the longest. I couldn't hold a job before you went in the military. No no no. I had assigned job for like ten years. And i went into reserves in beaumont and You know i mean it was. It was just a different person to came back how much you wear. It was our way. How much do i weigh about. Two seventy five. How tall but sixty. Oh well that's just a your chunky not like well. I paint a picture with every caller. I paint a picture. Every woman is smoking hot. She's eighty-five she might be smoking hot. But also i imagine her making me blackberry cobbler. And every dude. I kind of paint a picture of what's that guy looked like right. I go down to what they're wearing and What kind of house they live in. And what kind of vehicle they they drive and whether it's clean or not you know filth inside their bunch of Fast food bags on the floor. Or they have their stuff. Nicely organized like. I require is their console neatly organized coins into right collections. Or they one of those people that their truck hadn't been cleaned out in twenty five years. And so so. I i always. I'm always curious. How right or wrong i am. I had you as a big boy now. You're yeah. I mean. I'm a big boy. Sixteen i would. I would have said. I didn't know if you were six two. I had you six five three. The border voice Well yeah everything's in the voice but some of that. Yeah some of it's accurate. You weren't going to be a little bit of gacaca tell you that right. Well i'll tell you well. I'm going to get back after after about seven eight years i was like i'm done. I can't keep a job. i can't. I cannot keep a job. I'm tired of people. And i was i was a car. Guy wasn't a truck guy and I told my wife. I thought mood out in the house for about three months when i got back it was bad. Drake all my drink all my money. And after after after so long of not being able to light really function i was like you know what i heard. Somebody oughta do drive. That's all i've ever done. He's dropped. I was like you know what. I'm getting rid of this car. I'm a truck. I'm going to start doing my own thing. I'm gonna be hotshots. did you. Voice break just a moment ago are were you nervous. Wrote a little bit. Let me ask you this. I want you think about the saints before yet. Did it break. Because you're sad for the person you were yet hold on or did it break because you know a lot of other people hurt to watch you go through it or did it break. Because you're scared it. That person could come back. I'm not scared of that person to come back i do. I do feel bad for that person that you were voice break knowing what i was and what i am now. What got me to this point but do you feel a sense of regret. Like that's a part of my life. I can't get back or do you feel a sense of man. I'm going to be that guy in a way in a way to that people might understate. I'm kind of grateful. 'cause it into a better person i do understand. I do okay because i wear Could hold a job to tell somebody real quick where to get off a working for my. I mean having having nightmares Things would i mean like. I didn't go in the corner store for years. I mean i. I say that but that was a trigger thing for me. You know what was taught. Learned my triggers.

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