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Now, we're in a world where people can pasta become baseball experts who truly utterly never have to watch a game because all they do seriously all they, it was crunch the numbers period. It's all about the numbers. This moneyball to the integral vigneault. Billy Beane himself will disavow, you know, fifty percent of what's in that book. Now, my final thing on this Jim Thome I must say. Boston guy on, obviously, you know, but I'm the shortlist of my favorite players of my life. Jim Thome e is right there and I'm an and hit my interactions with him. We're always incredibly pleasant and I have no of no naysayer. If anyone here knows of Lawrence, Thomas MIT of you ever heard anybody personally, say a negative word about Jim Thome you the man supposed to guy who at the six hundred and twelve home runs. I wanna hear about it because I don't know of any such person. This is look I, it's it's lower here in Chicago. He was here with the White Sox for four years. The owner of the White Sox. Jerry Reinsdorf said that Jim Thome is one of the three greatest people that he's ever met. That's how beloved he is in the White Sox organization. And he's just one of those guys where when he would walk into the clubhouse always had time for you always had his story was always pleasant, and I don't think that there's some guys you, you can see through the facade. I always felt like it was genuine. In with Jim Thome e. Well, that's my impression too, and I'm glad to hear you echo that and last thought move onto football. Alan Trammell while being a fantastic shortstop and all the rest of also a guy. You never heard anything bad about the one thing that he did that you won't see anymore, like Jack Mars fighting to stay in a game. He negotiated his own contracts and did several of them while he was actually practicing like he did. He did one with Bill joy where he was out on the field and legit came out and throw a number out of it. What do you think? And he took grounder and he said, yeah, that'll do. And they shook hands and his contract was done, and I don't think we're seeing that anymore. Think about how many guys won't even talk about a contractor, they're not negotiating during his season? Yeah, I think anytime you can actually negotiate contracts with the glove. On your hand, you're doing something that's going to last for long time with very predictable and an admirable that he would use his time. Time to make the case for his double playmate Lou Whitaker. Okay. Before we shift over to the NFL, let me tell everybody today's show is brought to you by simply safe home security. If you've ever looked for a security system, you know that it's tough. A lot of systems are too expensive too complicated that got.

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